Thrall Less in The Exiled Lands

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Missing my lvl 20 thrall after last DEATH EPISODE BLUNDER!!! No sign of her demise in my event log she just up and disappeared…
Guys this is really disappointing.

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Check the followers tab. Is your thrall still listed there?

Nope but she’s not listed as dead in the event log…

If the thrall is not listed than it’s dead bud. Sorry. Event log is wonky as and often doesn’t display occurrences.

In the Event log, did you slide the distance meter to max (10000).
I had that issue too when I first started playing. Crashed and poof my thrall was gone. No trace.

I am having a similar issue on my private PVE server. There was a feud erupting between two clans and one was accusing the other of kiting mini bosses to their base to attempt to have the other base thralls kill it and get the resources or for general mischief.
The accusation in part was based on thralls being dead or out of position after logging off an back on later that day.

I was about to reach out to the other clan when I noticed that on my “player” account on the same server, I had a greater elephant and a frost giant thrall up and disappear.
I am so confused

You could try using ghost mode with admin and searching under the map at the thralls last known position. I lost one of mine yesterday and finally found her about 200 ft under the terrain chilling on a rock.

Kinda figured that bro thx for the heartache lol…

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On Official Server. Not my own. Thx for the advice tho bro

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