Thrall missing, no event log, no follower list

I’m on the server 1807 and my clans thrall " Thick Slab Mcpunch Beef " has seemingly vanished off the face of the world. The event log gives no evidence as to what happened to them and they’re totally absent from our list of followers/thralls. I last had them following me around sepermeru when I died I was unable to find them again. I’m certain they weren’t killed because a friend of mine killed the mob that killed me moments after I died, and this thrall in particular has thousands of HP.

Check the followers tab and see if they’re still listed there. If so, turn on visibility and track them down.

EDIT: Just saw that you checked the list. Don’t know what to say.

Maybe they were put into witness protection by the FBI. I would contact his next of kin and see if you can track his whereabouts…

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