Missing Thrall Problem

So while having a thrall following me I got my backside killed, and by the time I got to the spot I’d gotten killed the Thrall had left the area. However it never returned to the base I’d set as its last guard spot. It still show up on my followers list and when I select it to show where it is it IS shown on the map to be where its last guard spot was, but the thrall itself ISN"T where the map shows it to be. Its been at least a couple weeks since this happened, and is on a small server rather than single person mode. So does anyone have any ideas on how to either get the thrall back or how to delete it if recovery isn’t possible?

Worst case scenario, it should be possible to use the command under the followers tab (I forget if it’s called return or recover, or something like that) (I think you had to click on the follower within that tab to get the options) - this should, in theory, get the thrall back, but would lose all of their equipment and anything they are carrying (which is why it’s the worst case scenario). I’ve never actually used this system, which is why I’m so unclear on the details, but I remember it being introduced.

Hopefully someone else has a better suggestion (or can at least explain this system a bit more coherently).

That does help actually, thrall wasn’t carrying anything I can’t do without, so I’ll try the rescue option.

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Also note you have to be within a certain distance of the thrall or pet to get it back fyi

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