Thrall stuck on returning home for 10 plus hours


Hi Everyone,

I’m on official PvE, my thrall has been stuck on returning home for over 10 hours. I’ve been logged off overnight and server has been restarted. I think I read if I use the rescue option the thrall loses all gear. I don’t mind losing the thrall as long as I can get back the gear (Sword of Crom). Is there any way to either get the thrall back with gear or at least just get the gear back?


have you tried going to its location?

Yes, it’s not there.
I have it’s location in my base, stood on grass. I got back to my base yesterday and I think I told it to stop following then. (cant remember 100% but that’s what I usually do when I get back to base).

Edit: On the follower tab it has a status “Returning Home” and I can’t see it on the map after clicking the eye icon.

Did you zoom into the map? Sometimes a clanmate or follower happens to be ‘under’ another mapmarker.

Never thought to zoom the map!!!

I can see her on the map at a place I visited yesterday. Going over to see if I can get her.

Thanks :smiley:

Edit: Successfully retrieved. Thanks everyone.


she was probably just caught in the middle of a Lotus field of dreams,and lost here compas :stuck_out_tongue:

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