T4 Thrall disappeared while scouting in base

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Region: [EU]

I finally found a T4 bearer ( Rethruos the Burdened) 2 days ago, after weeks of looking out and farming him. Yesterday after I had a run around the map, I came back to base and I u followed him in a normal place next to my other thralls, and then I logged off.

Today I log back in again to find him totally disappeared, I searched around the base, I even broke foundations where he was last standing to see if he glitched down somehow, I took a whole hour to retrace all the track I went through the map, I even checked the last place he was guarding. I couldn’t find him.

The event log shows that he returned home too. But my Thrall Pot doesn’t show that he is around and feeding from the pot.

Please help me get him back, I spent so much time farming him and he is priceless to lose like that.

PS: I have a picture of the event log saying that he returned home , but I can’t upload it because I am new in the forum.

Please help!

Server: Official server #3008 PVE - g-portal
User: SlUlF86

Steps on how to reproduce issue:
1.unfollow thrall

Hello and welcome to the forum, i had posted the last gaurd spot but missed you stating that. Seems you are already knowledgeable with that. Usually if log says returned home it means theyre somewhere but if youve retraced you steps idk. Best of luck though.

I found him!! He was in one of the guarding places I put him earlier, but it was NOT the last guarding place. I am positive of that. They have to have a permanent fix for this issue; like make a spawning spot in place whenever he is lost and needed to be retrieved or something.

Oh well, for now am happy :smiley:

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his home to go back is where you drag and dropped it last time, no where you say to him stop. may be not your case but i never had any problem with this function that i use daily for months on lot of differents thralls. they are always in the last place i dragged & dropped them

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You mean where you told them to guard last correct. Because that’s what works for me .


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I believe what @azaroth is trying to say is that “stop following” and “stand guard” are not the same functions.

if u followed is supposed to mean unfollowed like I expect, this is where your mistake was made. The software is doing it’s job just fine.

When you command your thrall to unfollow (stop following) it returns to the last position it was set to STAND GUARD. If you want to position your thrall in a designated place (just inside your bedroom door?) then order him to stand guard and he will be there when you return. If you just say unfollow, then he starts scouting and will return to his last guard spot eventually.


I understand that azaroth, but I found him in a different place than the last spot I put him to guard, I am 100% sure of that.

We all understand what is happening here besides you. I’m 100% sure of that. Besides, you solved your own post, so please no need to educate us. :man_facepalming: SMH

@Randon #savage … come on the forum is like a knowledgebase, nothing wrong with posting a solution to your own problem. You ever go to stackoverflow? Common thing. Sometimes you’re the only one who can solve your problem, usually cuz you’re the one its affecting most.


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