T4 bearer is no longer in game

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***logged in and could not find my t4 bearer after a lot of running around I finally checked the thrall pots at both bases and the t4 bearer was not at either one

Please provide a step-by-step process of how the bug can be reproduced. The more details you provide us with the easier it will be for us to find and fix the bug:
1spend money
2.download game
3.play game
4.wait for stuff to randomly disappear

As for missing thrall: It happens to me often that I would have a fighter or bearer on follow, then log off, forgetting to put him on guard. That would make him either slowly (after server restart) return “home”, or he would stand guard close to my log off location.

another option: If you do not have the said bearer closed within walls, it could happen that he would be lured out by npcs or animals and after stand guard some distance from your base.

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I’m not sure if I set the bearer on guard or not. I was building right before the server reset last night and normally I put followers on guard to keep them out of my way. if I did put the bearer on guard there would of been half a dozen other thralls close by. I was on the east side of my base there is a large river on the south side and a cliff on the north side. I will go double check now.

Checked a very large area including a cave and no sign of the bearer
my understanding is that all thralls are listed at the nearest thrall pot and the bearer I’m looking for is not listed at either
I logged out at my south base, with the weapon the t4 had there just isn’t anything that could of harmed it.
t4 have a health pool of 9000. the strongest thing in the south are crocodiles and there dead after one hit two at the most

within max distance of the pot.
I suggest you wait for next server restart and then look again and report back.

ok thanks for the help

If it was a thrall you had on follow mode, then game crashed etc you can just spawn in base and take another thrall on follow, then the thrall you had on follow before immideately return home (if base are where you last put it down to ground)

Did your log say anything about returning home? If so, probably went to the last spot you told it to guard.

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It’s been two says and the t4 bearer is not at either base
it is not listed at either thrall pot
the log said it returned home at 11:30 so the log is missing the last time I returned to base with the thrall

just check the log again and now the thrall is not listed at any time

there is a gap of three days were no bearers return home in the log
I always have a bearer with me
I have two more t4’s in a chest plus the one I have with me now

just figured out that the log doen’t show followers returning to base with me
and my missing t4 does show up on the 26
I had to increase the distance for the log to show a time stamp

after I discovered the missing t4 I dismantled a lot of foundation blocks
the time stamp shows the t4 returning to base after that
but I was online looking when the time stamp says the t4 returned
I have been having trouble with followers falling through the ground could the t4 have fallen through the ground and be stuck there

You’re absolutely right, this is still the first possibility to check.
It can easily happen when you move your thrall, so yes ! :+1:

Thrall falling through foundations, ceilings and such can happen from time to time. Observed this especially when you destroy some parts of you base.
But you should then see them appear in the pot mostly, or they to far away.
Moving a pot around may also help to spot them in bigger bases.

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My base is small
the t4 was placed on the ground not on any form of building structure
there is no sign of the thrall, and other thralls can be placed with ease. so if the thrall is under the ground it is not restricting the placement of other thralls in the area.
Is there a way to get a total list of thralls regardless of were they are on the map?

You mean like microchips on cats and dogs. :wink:
Nope, unfortunately not.
The only way is the event-log, and the feeding pot.

Event log you can filter out stuff, and restrict area to search easier, and the pot, like i said, moving one around can help.

thanks for the help

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I used the proximity meter to locate the bearer
why the t4 was at b6 when I logged out at my base at h4 then the log said the t4 had returned to base.
plus the t4 stayed where it was from the 26 till I found it on the 29


Well done, HiTest. The thing to keep in mind is every time you put a pet or thrall on guard, that is his new ‘home’.

You may, as I have, run into a rare bug that ‘forgets’ the last several home bases and he heads back to an earlier one. That’s when knowing how large a map grid is and how to get the coordinates, then triangulating really comes in handy :slight_smile:



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