Bearer Thralls worth it?


So I found several bearer thralls in different camps. Is it worth converting and have them following me around for heavy loads?

I was thinking of using them as Wheel of pains carriers so I dont have to be going back and forth to my camp.

Are they worth it? :thinking:


They are absolutely awesome

I have T3 bearer thrall following me everywhere. I gave him heavy armor and a steel trident. Not only does he carry all the loot I take from the fallen bodies of those fool enough to opose me, he is absolut beast in combat.
He literally destroyed 5 skeleton group that ganged upon him. I can barely take on two skeletons at once :smiley:

My T3 bearer is my bestest buddy.


Interesting experience, I always use Hesth Plainswalker or Amzadi the Wanderer, I gave em both Serpent man spears, and even with greatswords they do not perform combos, only 1 hit, but somehow they’re awesome archers, they do almost as much dmg as a T4 archer, and having 9k hp, its a traveling vault.


Somehow I feel that Bearers are better than normal Fighter thralls. More versatile and overall more usefull


Do you know where I can find these named Thralls? I just captured a tier 1 I imagine they dont do as much damage as tier 4? Or maybe lower health?



Correct, health and dmg output from t1 is a lot lower than t4, I would say a t3 already woth it, but a t4 is a jewel. Before the patch, in Sepermeru, I found one dancing around the bonfire. Another place I saw T4 was in the jungle, in a cave path beneath the panther plateau.

Im sure we got some more nameds and more spots, just go look for them and eventually you will find one.


I’ve found 2 different T4 Bearers in Fleshtearer Falls. It’s the Dafari Camp after a spider cave near Tower of Bats.

They’re beasts. And can carry a bunch of stuff. Whenever I go on an expedition to load up on pets, I take a bearer and he gets to carry the pets for me. Meanwhile he tears through anything that comes close to me.


They are great if you need to go into a cave to farm craptons of iron. Or tons of stone if you are building something big. They can literally hold over 10,000 stones. Or if you are taming stuff because creatures weigh ALOT and they can hold tons of them.

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Bearers are the best thralls.


I know that spot I’ll keep checking until I find one. I keep seeing a group of thralls getting demolished by crocs and spiders. It happens every time I walk past by… feel bad for the guys hahaha


T4 bearers are a beast. I have Narr Goatfoot and man he can take a group of monsters so easy. Worth the waiting :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


I think they might have 1h specialization because I’ve only ever seen them combo with a 1h sword. I give them a bow anyways just because I once killed someone and looted them, and then put the loot on my bearer. There happened to be a bow in the loot so the next guy who came I got decently low and he ran away but my bearer whipped out the bow and sniped him. So yea I just give them bows now lol


Haha yeah, I get hit by their arrows quite often and it hurts for real.

Hummm, they left the wheel with 2h weapons, guess I’ll do some tests with 1h, thanks for the tip.


I didnt know thralls have specialization with weapons. I have mine with a 2h steel sword and he is a beast with it. He pretty much mows down all monsters in his path. I will be struggling with one guy while he is on his own killing like 4 HAHAHA. I will have to try giving him a bow and a 1h sword.


They kinda don’t, but in practice some do.

Some thralls are bugged (or maybe it’s a feature) that they fight effectively only with the type of weapon they came with, whereas others can fight with anything you give them, especially since the last update. And sometimes a thrall refuses to fight with one weapon until you swap it for another, but once you give the old weapon back they use it effectively as well.

There used to be a logic to this, but the logic changed after the last update. I’m currently trying to figure out the new logic, if there is any.


Bearers are great, but if i am bosshunting, i want someone that does full combos.


Yeah I remember giving a thrall daggers and he didn’t attack at all. He just watched me getting my butt beat by a group of enemies. :laughing: I was hoping he was going to do extra damage with bleed but nop I was wrong HAHAHA


ohh man I have to check again if my thrall makes full combos. It will suck if I die bosshunting with my current thrall.


Pelor the Well Traveled is the gem of all my thralls.

He gets the best meals. The best armor I can craft. He will get the best weapon. He will be a king amongst my thralls.

If I sit on my throne he is next to me as my right hand thrall.

And he carries my junk.

In short. My named besrer thrall is more important to me than any other thrall ever made, designed or created.


They did, at least before the update. Best example is the fact that the Captain was the best combat thrall because it had highest dps/health and would only use 2h weapons (for sword of crom) but Dalinsia Snowhunter was the best for thrall catching because she was the highest damage 1h user so she would actually combo with a truncheon. Captain just stood there with truncheon. Not sure if this has been changed, but I know for a fact it used to be this way