Best t4 Fighter thralls as of current game version?

Hi, I was wondering if anyone knew the best t4 Fighter thralls in the current game? I was looking to use them as both Base defense and to help me kill stuff out in the wild. Any answers are appreciated, thanks :smile:

well apparently bearer for archer, no it’s not a joke…. sadly, second better archer = fighter. worst archer = archer…

i can understand a lot, but that…

test done by firespark :

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Oh, what I meant is by Health and such, and which areas have the best ones (for example fighter thralls of darfari faction would be easier to kill than heirs of the North faction thralls) Sorry for misunderstanding…but I’ll give that video a watch. Thanks for the help :smiley:

Heath; t4 bearer (from north) are best; 9k-10k hp
bandit leader at sepermetu = 7,2k hp
t4 fighter from volcano = 6,7 k hp
relic hunter same
Dalinsia & bersrker from mound of the dead = 5k hp

more you go north; stronger thralls are.

People are frequently under the misapprehension that because the health bar isn’t moving as much, the thrall is a better fighter. It’s psychological, when you have a 10k thrall in Heavy, fighting a boss croc for 7 minutes and the bearer’s bar moves barely to the 3/4 mark.

Meanwhile it’s provable when you have a Bandit Leader in medium armor with 7.5k HP, she will kill that boss croc in about 2 minutes with a 60 DMG sword. Her health bar will look about half-hit, but you’ll be done faster. Depends on your priorities. (Don’t invest in Janos, Dalinsia is pretty, but nowhere as effective as the Berserkers or Bandit Leaders.)


Dalinsia is really good with one handed weapons and truncheons. Most of the named thralls are two handed user, which makes them great with great-swords like Telith Sorrow and Crom. T4s in the volcano are really easy to get right now as well as Bandit leaders, but they are in dangerous areas and are aggressive.

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