Archer Thralls vs Fighter Thralls

Are there any hidden stats or differences between the thrall types, or is HP the only variable?

As far as I’ve seen, T3 volcano archers have the highest HP. I’ve got a few Spinas the Marauders kicking around, which is a T4 volcano fighter, but he has fewer HP than the archers.

Assuming I strip them down and give them gear, is there any reason to deploy Spinas instead of an archer III? I’m on PS4 so testing damage numbers is more tedious than I’m prepared to put into the question, but I imagine somebody out there has tested it.

If thralls have strength and accuracy stats, then maybe Spinas can be redeemed. Seems wrong for the archers to be the best fighters, but this is CE… so…

Fighter thralls got a melee bonus. The technically T5 Cimmerian Beserkers for example got the highest non purge bonus.

Vathis/Spinas/Daicas would completely destroy Vais/Anos in a theoretical 1vs1.

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