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Hey Exile Veterans!

I am currently trying to figure out my way around the Thrall system. I have captured several fighter type Thralls but looking at their attribute growth chances, almost all of them are weighted towards growing Accuracy instead of Strength. It has me stumped on how to best gear them. So here are my questions:

  1. Does class provide a damage bonus? Melee for fighters and ranged for archers?

  2. Should I gear my fighters weighted towards Accuracy with bows instead of melee weapons?

  3. Are there NPC Thralls with a higher than usual chance to have Strength growth chances on level up?

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I know that SOME of the Fighter Thralls are equally good as Archers as well. But not all of them - it depends on their faction, and Archers from the same faction are usually better. You may explore this question using CE wiki, now it lists nesessary factors for all the named Thralls.


Not sure if you already have this information, but figured I’d post just in case. Most of the Thralls in the lower level areas will have more accuracy as a natural stat. The Black Hand in particular start with 30 in the accuracy stat.

If you move further North, you’ll find that the Nordheimers around New Asagarth and the Highlands start with 30 Strength and 10 Vitality.

While the Cimmerians around Mounds of the Dead start with 30 Vitality and 15 Strength.

If you are looking for strength thralls with lots of health, those are two good places to start.

The Volcano also has thralls that start with 15 strength, but the other stats are a bit more spread out. The Relic Hunters are also very strong and have good initial stats!

Lots more details involved in getting the stats you want and the multipliers, but those are the most basic stats for what each thrall actually comes with before doing any levelling. As @Ko6ka mentioned, the wiki now shows the multipliers, but it’s definitely still very annoying to work out all the stats.

Some common overpowered thralls are Dalinsia Snowhunter, Cimmerican Berseker, Relic Hunter Treasure Seeker, Beastmaster Teimos and some would say Lian as well. Asides from Dalinsia, all of those are very common (if not guaranteed) spawns. Hope that helps a bit!

*Hopefully I didn’t make any mistakes


No matter what you are going to do you cannot have the perks you want for your thralls ,they left this random still . Deadeye and Warden will be your worst nightmare for your fighters . You will end up that lvl 19 is better than 20 . Anyway , all the stats however are powerful and have a meaning . For example survival will help your thrall against bosses with poisoning . Agility will grand more armor points to your thrall .A good cooperation of Survival-Agility-Vitality will forgive a lava mistake :wink: . So if we speak about pve ,no matter the stats and perks they are all useful .
Now the above fellow exiles were very specific ,I have nothing else to add . The only thing I can say here is a hint to farm easy great thralls from your earliest days on exile lands . So first you farm Tugra from Tugras stand . Tugras stand is a camp very close to sinchole obelisk . Take Tugra (lvl10) and some useful supplies and enter the unnamed city from the east entrance across the river with the crocodiles to farm one Relic hunter . Relic hunters are thralls that you can travel everywhere with low armor and low DMG weapons . So take your Relic hunter and head to Sepermeru first and then head North to the mount of the dead . Take with you a wheel of pain for 4 persons . Farm Godrath the oathbraker (taskmaster) and farm lvl 1 fighter or archer from the mount of dead , because they spawn with star metal weapons ,take the weapons and brake bond . Killing Cimmerian villagers the loot is awesome ,plus they drop legendary armor pieces . So before you know it your Thrall will have star metal weapon ,legendary armor , lvl up fast and ofcurse you will find a Berserker too or even a Dalinsia :wink: . After this the whole map is yours ,have fun m8 .

ps is episode 2 ready ?

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Hey Coyote0903!

This was incredibly helpful, thank you. This is exactly what I was looking for - a better understanding of where to farm certain kinds of Thralls.

We already setup Wheels of Pain up north and have gotten some great named crafters from New Asagarth and fighters with the kind of initial attribute setup I am looking for, namely high strength Thralls.

Thank you!

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