Best attribute for fighter thralls?

Having a debate within my clan regarding how best to level up fighter thralls.

I was of the opinion (for the past year or so) that you are better off trying to increase vitality for the increased health. My clan members said they thought the same but someone showed them recently that it is now better to focus on strength (like in the past) or agility for the armor.


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really tied to thrall.
Some give more hp per tick, others more str % per ticket. Most of damage comes from weapon att, so I kean on hp. Agility is covered by easy high armor ratings you can craft. After about 1000, the return is not noticeable on reduction % wise. Survival is better than agility imo, if you can get one to like 40+ it reduces DoT on them pretty good.

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Thank you. I had similar thoughts especially regarding armor and the diminishing returns (I was saying anything over 800 armor is less effective based on Youtubes I’ve seen).

Right now I’m leveling a Dalinsia on Siptah and my clan members were shocked that I was trying to increase HP vs strength (right now she has 7K hp at level 10). Wondering if I should continue or switch to trying to increase strength through gruel.

Being as thralls get way less than 2% dmg bonus per STR (I think its something like .04% or something silly). STR doesn’t really play a role in dmg very much. Thralls have a hidden stat that increases their damage by a multiplier, its anywhere from 1.105 to 2.24. So a 100dmg weapon will do 110-111 with the weakest T4 thrall and 224 damage with the strongest. This is mostly dependent on the tribe they come from. Siptah plays with these rules a bit, but there’s videos about that.

Agility is problematic too as it is also based on tribe. Some get like 8 armor per AGI, and some get 12 or 16. But like someone already said, heavy armor makes this kinda moot unless your thrall is constantly fighting heavy hitters (usually only applicable in modded games).

Vitality like agility varies from tribe to tribe. They can get anywhere from 40-160hp per VIT. Sometimes the lesser damage thralls get more HP, but not always (usually a Siptah thing). If your thrall can solo stuff than VIT isn’t needed. If they can’t then consider some VIT gear.

Survival is a great stat, especially with anything with dots. A high enough SUR stat will cut a dot time below half, which means the damage taken is less than half. It also applies to cripples and sunders.

So here’s my recommendation (assuming T4 thralls). If you’re playing unmodded PVE, then you can probably focus STR. Its not much but you likely won’t need the other stats so more damage means you’ll generally kill faster. It won’t be much but it will save time over a long time.

If you’re encountering alot of DoTs, then focus survival. It will be less of a headache overall.

If you’re playing modded content like Age of Calamitous or Extended Engame Weapon Arsenal then VIT and even AGI might be a great option. So diminishing returns on armor is a bit of a misconception.

So once you get higher, yes… it takes more and more to get the percentage. But you’re looking at the situation backwards. For example 70% dmg reduction going to 75% means the thrall is taking 17% less damage. A 100dmg hit hits a 70% armored character for 30dmg, and a 75% armored one for 25dmg.

So even though it looks like armor has diminishing returns, the TTK scales a bit linearly.

But this isn’t needed on normal content where the highest hits you take are in the mid 3 digits. When you play with AOC or EEWA then you start seeing 1000-2500dmg hits that need to be mitigated as much as possible.

In PVP it probably helps to focus on VIT and SUR to ensure survivability. But this is going to change on a per server basis, and if official or not.


I think it largely depends on what you are using them for.

For player PvP, thralls mostly function as a way to punish other players mistakes (or for defense). Out maneuvering thralls AI is pretty easy and usually if you are fighting someone and their thrall kills you, it’s because you messed up your positioning and got punished. That being so there is always a case to be made for STR investment; The more dmg per hit the better they can punish mistakes.

For thrall PvP and PvE most evidence points to VIT being greater than STR. Firespark81 had a great video on this a while back. Generally speaking thralls with greater HP out damage over time (bc they live longer). Meaning they are better for PvE and they win out in thrall fights vs STR thralls.

biggcane is right about weapon damage, it and Damage multipliers are king. The most recent formula I have found is:

(MDM/RDM * % Bonus Melee Dmg/Ranged) + (MDM/RDM * Weapon Dmg) + Armor Pen = Dmg Output

*where MDM/RDM is Dmg multipliers

The weight of MDM/RDM is massive, Weapon Dmg right behind it. These are FAR more important to thrall Dmg than STR investment.


Good information.

To clarify (I should have mentioned this before) I play on official PVP servers. I’m interested in thrall vs. player, vs other thrall, and as base defense.

Regarding the info provided so far, I agree that when talking thrall vs player, often it is just the careless or distracted player that gets killed by another player’s thrall. Regarding thrall vs. thrall, this is important but I find this mostly happening when your thrall happens to spawn inside a base that you are raiding which leads to the subject of base defense… I realize that thralls are at a large disadvantage when defending a base by themselves from human players (with their thralls) but I think they do work as “speed bumps” which can be helpful.

Anyway I’m leaning towards continuing to focus on increasing vitality but I did find the comments about survival being interesting and needing to be considered.

Dalinsia is well known for her huge HP increases per VIT point, so your investment is likely the best option for her.

That value, the stat increases individual to each and every thrall, makes thrall advice difficult to give IMO. It doesn’t even seem consistent within thrall factions. So “what is best” is hard to discuss without having to write a dissertation.

The prevalence of poison and bleed weapons on Siptah have made me HEAVILY reconsider the value in spec(ing?) SUR in thralls. Idk if that’s a good or bad thing though…

With the new bleed update, they are heading in a better direction, away from DoT combat and making it part of strategy, not THE strategy.

You’re all wrong. The best attribute for fighter thralls is obviously charisma. :smirk:


Give 'em the Axe of the gate guardian and they are gods!

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I wish charisma would effect female thrall too(not that it is effecting male :joy:, but anyway) , I would love to have a Dalinsia top sized as a Berserker :joy::joy::joy:.

Anyway @Octavian you know it very well that no matter where you focus the game at the end will grand you a Warden or an expert survivalist :wink:. For extra options will give you a dead eye or another survival perk, it has so many after all :joy::joy::joy:
All this time, I trained hundreds, maybe thousands by playing in ultra fast pvp private servers, maybe I got 10 thrall with outstanding stats, all the others were :sob::sob::sob:.
So good luck my friend and focus in luck, nothing else :+1:t6:

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