I need your opinion on stat point allocation

I play on a PVE server.

I have ADHD, so i can never decide on how to spread out my stat points. Lol

I prefer to play with medium armour and use daggers. A Rogue if you will.

I want to know how you allicated your stat points.

Did you max out 2 of them?

What about the others?

Also, i dont use bows, so i dont think the Agility tree, will be used, unless you guys tell me why i should put some points in it.

Also, what do you think about running with 1 vs 2 thralls?

Is it better to have 1 followers stats boosted or go with 2 “gimped” thralls?

Thanks in advance. I appreciate your insights.

If you fight with daggers then the Agility tree is a must have. It boosts damages done by agility weapons like daggers, short sword and katana. At the 2nd perk don’t choose the one for bow. It’s the only perk dedicated to bow use in the tree. But choose the one giving additional 10% armor penetration if you 're carrying a medium or lighter load.
The two other agility perks are nice but, imo, the advantage to put 20 pts in this attribute is more about what agility gives than its 3rd and both 4th perks.

There’s a few threads talking about the advantages / disadvantages of Authority both 4th perk compared to each other. Imo, it depends about what you want to do with your thralls / pets. For exemple if you go farming ressources two thralls / pets seems better. You can bring with you a fighting thrall + a bearer or two bearers. Works with pets and camels / caravan rhinos / elephants. And you can even mix thralls and pets I think.
But for a dungeons, farming the Unamed City, events or anything else with lots of hard fights against bosses are expected; A single thrall with all the bonus from the right 4th Authority perk seems a better option.
One attribute to not neglect is Grit. It gives a lot of stamina and some armor bonus too. Vitality still gives bonus HPs, so it’s always a good idea to put some points there.
For a build with lot of Agility you don’t need to put any point in Strength.

Wolf is right. If the dagger pair is a must, agility is the way to go…HOWEVER I think you could get the same basic feel with using Havoc and Malice dual axes found in esoteric library RNG or by using 1H axe and throwing axe and get the same dual weapon effect…the more I think about it, this is probably your best best to get the dual weapon rogueness but have a strength vs agility build since you get the dual weapon idea plus the throwing weapon bonus.

On top of that you can switch the off hand to get a defensive shield or a torch…heck I’m talking myself into the build as well.

Ok, this is great info.

I’m sure that im going with the thrall stat boost vs having 2 thralls. It makes more sense.

If i ignore Strength completely, wont I be weak as hell or is the idea to use my thrall as the main damage dealer?

Thanks again , you’ve all been a great help.

Not anymore. Strength gives +5% damage with strength-based weapons per point - +0.5% damage with agility-based weapons per point - +3 carry weight per point.
Agility gives +5% damage with agility-based weapons per point - Faster time to act (strike, shoot, etc.) after a dodge - +0.5% damage with strength-based weapons per point - +1 stamina per point.
From the CE WIki those numbers.
If you prefer to use Agility-based weapons, like daggers, you only need Agility to boost your damages. And don’t really need Strength since you can get boost to your carrying capacity with Expertise.
If you prefer to use Strength-based weapond you need to max out Strength for the damage bonus : +100% à Strength 20. But you still need Agility for the faster time to react, dodge, etc…
Or to say it differently and Agility build is 20 points in Agility and 40 points in other attribute of your choice. Personally they’ll go in Vitality, Grit and Authorithy or Expertise.
With a Strength build you need to max out Strength and still put 10 or 15 points or even max out Agility. That as much points less to put in other atributes.


This makes sense.

You guys are great!

Thanks again for helping.

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