Please explain why I should put points into Agility

The text explaining what agility does says it affects the different types of armor worn. The perks are singularly unexciting: buffs for running, falling, leaping and tumbling. I would hardly call those buffs necessary. Nice? Yeah, maybe, but certainly not game-changing. As for running, you can get the same effect by putting 3 perks into grit, which not only allows you to run further, but also adds faster stamina recovery plus damage resistance (not to mentions giving you a large stamina pool). Some of the other agility perks even seem more suited for encumbrance or grit.

In most games I’ve played that have an agility buff, agility affects evasion and/or weapon delay. If that were the case in this game, I certainly would consider putting points into it. But as it stands…meh. I’ve never ever put one point into it and I don’t seem to be the worse for wear.

Serves no purpose whatsoever, so they’ll probably nerf the other perks and make us use agility at some point.

most builds only give 10 points for running game

Agility grants 1 armor per point. Compare to the armor values on light armor and you can see how agility can make a difference.

T4 light armor + 25 agility gives just as much armor as T1 heavy armor, except you get the benefits of light armor (low weight and best roll). Worth it? YMMV, but a Souls player might tell you iframes are worth their weight in black ice.

Not to mention the Zamorian light set weighs way less than even T1 heavy and grants +5 agility. Percent damage reduction between Zamorian armor with 25 total agility is ~55%, compared to ~45% with 0 agility. (More like 47% with Zamorian because it gives agility for it’ls bonus.)

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[quote=“mixels, post:4, topic:28255”]
T4 light armor + 25 agility gives just as much armor as T1 heavy armor, except you get the benefits of light armor (low weight and best roll).[/quote]

Right now I usually wear flawless Darfari epic with the weight reduction buff. That gives me 175 armor. If I’d used the thick armor plating, I’d have 190 armor. If I put 25 point into agility, that would raise it to 215. That’s nice.

The question is, though, what do I nerf to get 25 agility points. Right now I have 3 perks + 1 in strength. That gives me +25 damage with heavy swings, and that’s saved my life more than once. I also have 3 perks in vitality. Having a lot of HP is also good, plus I don’t want to lose the auto regen. I’ve put 3 perks in grit (as mentioned in my original post). That gives me the advantages I mentioned there. I’m not about to nerf any of those 3.

I’ve got 2 perks in survival. The main benefit is that I have to eat and drink less often. MY final perk is in encumbrance. That’s not much, but it helps. Maybe I could get +25 agility if I put 0 points in survival and encumbrance, but that’s just not worth it in my opinion.

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Agility would be worth if work with dagger dmg instead of strengh, and the 4th perk must add some benefict to light armor aswell, as it currently only affect medium/heavy armor users.

Survival is kind of useless after level 20-30.

Specc 50 agility, build a really high tower close to those “unraidable” pillar bases, climb on top of it, jump+doublejump on its roof > dont die cuz 20 agility perk halves the falling damage > use all ur jars > ??? > profit.
Inb4 “you cant arry many jars with 50 agility” use encumber light set + bearer thrall headcap + encumber warpaint + vaulting pole legendary + specc accordingly. You will have 50 agi 50 encumber.

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That sweet, sweet double gathering speed perk tho…


Thanks for your answers.

I don’t think it’s worth it. You end up getting more of the base lower tier resources and deplete the nodes quicker but I’ve found you don’t get as many rare materials, IE: gold, silver, bark.

Only place I actually think it’s useful is brimstone at the shattered springs.

But if you want you can go test it at the silver nodes near sepermaru with and without the survival 2 perk and let me know which nets you more silver and which nets you more stone =)

If you have 20 survival you get double byproducts as well as standart resources.


I don’t think so, and when you deplete the nodes in half the times you have even less chances of the rare proc.

Test it, I’ve already made up my mind on it.

I don’t need to test it. I already did like half a year ago. And i usually go on my volcano obsidian farming routine at lvl 30 which involves 30 vit at lvl 30 which in turn forbids using 20 surv at that lvl. I’m not here to change your mind, I’m here to state facts.

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There is no difference in how much material you get per node. This perk just makes gathering go twice as fast. A builder’s best friend.

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Did you test it on a resource I mentioned?

Yes. All of them. I run 20 survival all the time and the effect is quite noticeable with a toddler at home and very limited playtime.

only time i found agility useful was specific base raid moments such as 20 agility to tower jump into enemy godshield base or 50 agility to jump past a poorly built anti climb that would allow us to get into their base.

Other than that, its completely useless

I never said it wouldn’t be quicker with survival 2. In all my tests I ended up with more rare resources when the nodes are limited.

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I think what they should consider doiing is adding armor per point based on type of armor worn.

Heavy is 1pt per AGI
Medium is 2pt per AGI
Light is 5pt per AGI.

This way 50 AGI on Light Armor would be 250 extra armor which would be quite a bit.