Build, agility useless or not ? + Resources disappearing around our base

  1. I have a question : Build, agility useless or not…?

Some players (among youtubers, I do not play yet on an online server, but it may come later) seem to put more agility points than others, and conversely, they do not put any point in agility when they create the build of their warrior, saying that agility is of little use, except for archers and adjustments of armor points, in order to reach armor landing (level) in a specific build.

I also found that each level (10, 20, 30 …) in agility increases armor by 20 pts, it’s not much, it’s true, but hey, it’s still 20 pts, it’s up to you to tell me if it’s worth it or not.

On the other hand, I also noticed that, apparently, a dodge consumes less stamina with more agility and the distance covered by dodging (jumping sideways or backwards, rolling … etc.) is greater with more agility. And since heavy armor reduces dodge, agility decreases this dodge penalty, and the endurance penalty consumed for each dodge.

So I would like to know what you think. Is it true or not ?

  1. Another question :

I have noticed that when one develops one’s base, when one enlarges it and places buildings like altars (temples) of gods … etc, the harvestable resources around disappear (vegetation, trees, groves of harvestable plants and herbs, stone, branches on the ground … etc.)

In the neighborhood I also have iron, but a distance a little distant.

  • So I wonder if I place walls and other buildings close to the iron, will the iron also disappear like stone or herbs ?

‘In the neighborhood I also have iron, but a distance a little distant.
So I wonder if I place walls and other buildings close to the iron, will the iron also disappear like stone or herbs’

Yes you will despawn anything thats in your land claim dont be that guy.

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That’s why I dialed down the land claim radius as much as possible on my server.

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OK thanks, guys !

When it comes to agility? It’s either use heavy armor and get 40 for the roll dodge, use light armor and get 50 for the double jump or don’t invest at all. It’s the perks that matter.

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OK thanks.

In my case, so agility will not bring me much. I just put 10 to consume less stamina during the sprint. I prefer to keep my points to build my strength and vitality as much as possible, and my footprint secondarily.

It’s still crazy that in a survival game, almost nobody puts points in survival, because it is not necessary, and we all prefer to be stronger in combat than anything else.

I think survival should be a separate feature, different, and should cost fewer points than others. And it should be more useful and necessary to survive in the desert or the cold of the North. The devs have knowingly made survival easy, which makes the Survival skill useless…

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that just not true we just develop the resource to know how to gather them to survive in the beginning it was brutal cuz we didnt have access to a wiki or anything so of course every game that you start out will be hard because you are learning the mechanic of the game but once you know it all. it become easy because you possess the knowledge.

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Yes, you are probably right.

This is not true, noone will ever go out powerfarming materials without 2 points in survival.
The faster node depletion is a massive boost! Especially when it triggers rare ressource like Bark or Gold, the amount you gather is doubled.

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Very true, discovering “hard worker” gave me a tremendous boost (followed shortly by “why the f… didn’t you invest in this sooner”).

I’m not sure about the double rare resources - I mean yeah on that particular swing you get double, but you also get half as many swings (chances) to trigger the rare resource in the first place, assuming the resource node is limited. It’s just a gut feeling but harvesting 2000 stones gives me roughly the same amount of iron whether I have Hard Worker or not (though obviously the process is much faster with the perk).

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I do not know what you’re talking about… (???)

I am far from knowing all the subtleties of the game !

In the Survival tree, there’s a perk called “Hard Worker”. It’s VERY useful for gathering materials (stone, wood, iron etc) faster.

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