Share your attribute distribution

Here’s mine:

Strength: 4/5, up to Brutal Strikes (25% more heavy attack damage)
Agility: 1/5, up to Iron Endurance (25% less stamina during sprint)
Vitality: 3/5+, up to Fierce Vitality (Passive regen)
Accuracy: 0/5
Grit: 2/5, up to Barbaric Tenacity (Additional 10% stamina per regen)
Encumbrance: 1/5 (10% more damage while encumbered, 10% less stamina while not)
Survival: Just 2 points into it, the left overs

I dump whatever points I have left on Vitality, then Survival last. I use Dafari Skin armor (Khitan medium for snow/dungeon) + pike and am mobile during fight, so I need that Grit. With STR gear on I am 1 point shy of 5/5 STR but that’s fine, I don’t need the perk. I think I can get that VIT 4th perk if I use potion, haven’t tried it yet. I really like the 4th perk because I’m too lazy to farm good food and constantly use honey for that non-stop slow regen. Beef if I get hungry. For dungeons though I have good heals saved up, or did, until they disappeared last night from thrall pots due to new bug where all foods disappear when you give them to thralls/pets.

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PVE build not good

Sweet. Like people who try different things. Meta is so, well lemming like.
Personally, I prefer to go non-meta as much as possible. You know ball on people who always wear Nikes with a pair of work boots. Makes victory that much more sweet.

But the thing is with current meta and lack of chance to create viable build you will get own in PVP.
Fix: lower agility attribute to 20 so you can roll with heavy and still be able to deliver dmg that would change the game, give reach to 2h sword

problem solve

The OP post is sharing your attributes. Don’t jack this thread into a “I know more than you one” please. It would be nice to have one thread where we all can just not over think it, and just share for fun.


go get a coffee and share you stat that are so OP and your server too so go verify you OP stat :wink:


I’ve got a couple different favorite builds that I run in PvE.

Balanced: Serves me well for adventuring, running Unnamed City, and fighting purges.
S: 28 — Passes 30 with virtually any of the amors I use.
A: 20 — Base-jumping is fun.
V: 30 — Even post-nerf, regen is pretty much a must.
A: 0 — Who needs do to damage when you’re just applying poison stacks?
G: 20 — I can run a decent distance and make most climbs.
E: 20 — I often wear Encumbrance pieces (Yamatai Medium), so this is usually sufficinet.
S: 18 — Becomes 20 with the head piece I wear for better farming.

Farming: Be the Bearer!
S: 10 — Just enough to help KO thralls.
A: 20 — Gravity is not our friend.
V: 30 — Nerfed regen, ftw!
A: 1 — Leftover.
G: 5 — Don’t need to run a lot when farming 1 meeellion stone.
E: 38 — Hits 50 with Flawless Encumbrance set and a Bearer Pack, while leaving points for other stats.
S: 20 — Farm everything.


Thank you, yes that was the intention. Just people bored at work sipping on coffee posting stuff.


Never said my stats were OP. Get off the virtual god meds dude.
I am done, as this thread is something nice.

I roll with this to avoid having to respec. Potion optional as well.

31 Str med gear str+9-in the cold
20 Agi
31 Vit med gear vit+9-in the heat
1 acc just because it is left over
20 grit stam pot and herbal tea
20 enc 210 carry weight
10 surv raw food in a pinch.

You can swao grit and str if you want to if you really want 30 grit.

I forget which legendary 2H it is, but it gives a +5 Enc. You can then do 33 in enc, and dump rest into grit to get a decent stam bar built :slight_smile: And with grit war paint or grit potion, you can take those 38 points into grit and get min 20.

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I think it’s Baal-Pteor’s Razor, but it’s just too much of a PITA to have to keep switching to a weapon every time I want to move from one clump of resources to another. Good suggestion though. :slight_smile:

I like the top one!

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I have 2 builds I like, 1 for farming, 1 for fighting.

S 12
A 0
V 30 no matter how useless it is now, it’s still nice to not clog my hotbar with healing.
A 0
G 30 get a bit more run when encumbered.
E 38 with armor and elixer of numbing/ bearer pack.
S 20

Fighting. I like to stand and fight.
S 30 + armor to get to 40, cen get some extra strength gear in unnamed city.
A 0
V 30 can also use vit armor instead of strength to get some better heals.
A 0 archery… What’s the point?
G 30 for the stamina to sustain the fight.
E 25 so I can carry the loot. Bearer pack will get the 10% bonus.
S 0

This is my Default loadout. I do sometimes change it when the situation requires. This is without any Armour or enhancements equipped. Armour/Potions/enhacements tend to be sunk into Strength, to take me up to 20 ‘Salting the Wound’.

Now please bear in mind that I am an Offline Singleplayer only. So as a one man workforce, I must be well rounded.

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I’m a solo player on a pvp server, so my build evolved around being 100% solo in mind. It’s not min maxed (lol not even close) but it’s a build that works for me. Kinda hybrid like, I can go anywhere and do anything in game with no issue. It is as follows

Strength - 22
Agility - 10
Vitality - 30
Accuracy - 0
Grit - 30
Encumbrance - 30
Survival - 0

Strength is 22 because at the end that is where I dumped all my extra points. Well spent build with 0 unspent points remaining at lvl 60.

Like I said it’s not min/maxed, so gear points don’t matter. With pure attribute points alone I have all the perks I want and gear points is just considered a bonus.

My build, like I said earlier is a hybrid. I use daggers, pike, sword and shield with medium armor.

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Hey your build is just like mine Saws, aside from the 10 point distribution difference between Strength and Agility. So its good to know that my approach, as a fellow Singleplayer is indeed a tried and true one. For the record, putting those extra 10 on Strength is the more sensible distribution. However, I put them on Agility for 2 reasons.

The first is that like Larathiel, I like to basejump.
The second is that I have a nasty habbit of running off cliffs and plummeting to my death while towing thralls in the dark. This helps.

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This is a core build for running materials and thralls across a busy PvP server. It’s what I’m doing right now.

S – 20
A – 3
V – 30
a – 0
G – 18
E – 41
s – 0

I can dump mats and switch to fighting armor without becoming overloaded, and in this setup I’ll usually be wearing any +9 ENC armor. This is Mule Mode. I will carry a set of Flawless Yamatai Footsoldier for up to +7 AGI buff if I have to dump goods and run. I will also carry a +2 Grit Medium helmet.

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All purpose-

Strength: 34(+6)=40
Agility: 10
Vitality 35(+5)=40
Accuracy: 0
Grit: 20
Survival: 3-4 (leftovers

Heavy armor duel katana cheese:

Strength: 41(+9)=50
Vitality: 40
Encumbrance: 20

This build will near one shot light spear queers in pvp if you’re below 25% and hit the 4th katana heavy in chain

31 Strength (Armor brings to 40)
10 Agility
21 Vitality
31 Accuracy (Jhebal sag potion armor bring to 40.)
19 Encumbrance
0 Survival

You are great ranged and great melee. Your damage is high and crevice in the armor gives you Armor Pen.

You can eaily get 50 Accuracy
If you decide you need vitality a full vitality set get you the 3rd perk.

Very versatile. Just depends on what you are wearing

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S 10
A 0
V 20?
A 0
G left overs
E 43
S 30

This is my best recollection, I’ve been playing since launch and most of my time now is farming and thrall taking. You can kill any normal NPC without much trouble, thralls for the big jobs. I like having full enc with the ability to keep it when wearing a sandstorm mask, survival for farming obviously. I personally feel the nerf to passive regen with vitality has made it useless, and with a lifeblood spear and proper temp gear I don’t miss it at all.