Need advice on attributes

Hi all!

Well, I took the plunge and took advantage of the Steam sale and bought the PC version of the game(I’ve been on Xbox) plus all the DLCs, and I love it!

I was wondering though, what attributes for stat build are best for playing single player offline? I made a post several months ago about this, but the updates have been pretty extensive, and I thought it might be wise to ask again.

Thanks in advance for any advice!


It all depends on what you are after in the game.
Strength builds are good at optimal damage output.
Agility builds for rolling and jumping.
Vitality build for tank types, however agility adds to armor effectiveness.
Accuracy build is the same for strength build but targeted at thrown and bow weapons.
Grit for large stamina pool for multipurpose use.
Encumbrance build for looting, farming and building since you technically don’t have a Max carry weight at 50+.
Survival build for farming, hunting and general surviving. (Not to useful to invest heavily)

You should see what you want out of the game and always remember, respecing is 5-10 yellow flowers.

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With two accounts, I like to leave farming to one and adventuring to the other. Note that these are for PvE.

My preferred playstyle involves lots of versatility. While Accuracy is 0, Snake arrows aren’t dependent upon damage output, so that’s a non-issue. Lots of Grit and Vitality make me pretty durable and able to fight or run for long periods. Even with the nerf to Catfall, 20 pts in Agility still helps to mitigate falling damage, and 20+ Encumbrance is sufficient for my medium armor & axe kit and a decent amount of loot.

If for some reason I want to do it all, I’ll drop Grit down to 21 which lets me raise Survival to 20 for more efficient farming.

S 25
A 20
V 30
A 0
G 30* (or 21 w/ 20 Survival)
E 21
S 0* (or 20 w/ 21 Grit)

The key to this build is pairing a Bearer Pack with 4 pieces of Encumbrance-boosting gear to reach 50 Enc; in doing so, we leave ourselves plenty of attribute points to gain Thuggery, Catfall, Fierce Vitality, and Hard Worker. That’s enough to carry limitless weight, endure the sandstorm and cold, and still take thralls with the help of a bodyguard thrall.

S 10
A 20
V 30
A 1
G 5
E 38
S 20

I’m not really sure what I want, right now I’m just base building in the newbie zone. I’m guessing the farmer zone is best?

In solo play, your kinda left to your own devices. Near start of game and till 20-30’s.

Strength enough to earn 1st perk (help get thralls) Using melee weapons, slow bump more in, to keep damage going up.
Agility, 1st perk is useful, lets you claim and explore to find good paths.
Vitality, again enough get 1st perk, and do some exploring, 2nd perk is handy later game.
Accuracy If you use Bows, (thou few of perks help else were)
Grit More Stam allows more running, 1st perk is handy early on, as is 2nd.
Endurance, in solo play you can use admin panel, knock yourself up to 195 or 295. Otherwise, alot of points come in handy here at start of game,
Survival 0. little to no reason use this… few good perks, but wasted stat.
By level 30+ you can dumb into your attack stat or towards a perk you want further down another path.

Abit different if online, but if your offline… you can do what ever.

It’s funny how widely opinions differ. I value Survival quite high, to the point where I’ll prioritize getting “Hard Worker” (2nd Survival perk) in anything but 100% fighter build. Even there, I’d probably make sure to get at least the first perk, so I can eat anything for heals while out and about. I suppose if a truly mega-hard dungeon or other ever came out one might need to stack all points into combat-relevance.

For the record, I’m not saying my way is the best or “right” way at all!

In my solo experience I find two stats necessary: Vitality 30 (for the passive regeneration) and Survival 20 (trying to get 10 early so I can eat raw food before I build a permanent base, and 20 for building said base). Strength 10 is very nice for clobbering thralls more efficiently, and some Encumbrance is useful for carrying more stuff (the reason why I tend to use vanilla Light armor is because I lack the stat points to put into Encumbrance).

Luckily, once you learn how to make potions, you can respec your stat points reasonably easily, so any mistakes you make early on are not game-breaking.

But really, that 10 points of Survival lets you eat raw crocodiles so you won’t have to build a fire every time you need healing, which will be often until you reach that Vitality 30.

Thanks everyone!

The big thing in any build is to have the correct armor for temp and att boost. You want the att you are going to invest the most in to be padded by armor at minimum. Potions, war paint, and weapon are nice, but if you don’t have one of those available, your build becomes kind of a mutt.
EX: Enc build, i typically make the medium armor (flawless +9) that will save you 104 points alone.
For Str, if you are comfortabel with heavy armor (i lean that way) i do 3 pieces of Hyperborean (helm,chest,boots) (+6) and silent gautnlets, DLC Yamatai Heavy legs (+4 vit).

then run
Str 34 (+6 armor gets you 4th perk)
Agility 10
Vitality 36 (+4 Armor gets you 4th perk)
Accuracy 0
Grit 20
Enc 18 (70+126=196 lbs)
Surv 2 (left overs:)

If you add an enc potion and war paint , it jumps you past 2nd perk and 42 lbs extra, but it is not needed if having to re-spawn back in for a fight.
If you want to keep the roll, just replace the 2 armors with Khitan DLC Med (HEAD,CHEST,GAUNTLETS), and Aquil DLC Med (LEGS,BOOTS) (vit). You will lose 2 on the enc (14 LBS), and 1 on the surv.

both builds are almost balance temp wise.


Good point on the armor bonuses WMHB. It’s second nature to me by now and I sometimes forget it’s not obvious at all for newer players.

I run:
Strength 31 (Gear can hit me to 40 -50 with potions weapon and Warpaint)
Agility 10
Vitality 21 (gear can hit me to 30)
Accuracy 31 (I am mainly an archer. Gear, Bow and one potion gets to 50)
Grit 20
Encumbrance 19 (can be buffee of course with gear and potions)
Survival 0

I respec for a proper gatherers build.

This build is versatile and flexible.

I can have all of the strength perks, Accuracy Perks and Vitality 3rd perk if I need the endurance.

It just depends on the outfit I choose to wear. I can melee, Range and manage all content.

Light or medium armor only for this build. Heavy really isnt your best bet.

I’ve made a weapon-specific build which works really well and can be flexible. It’s based on The Predatory Blade in the Unnamed City. Armor is completely up to you, just factor in bonuses for the stats.

First, get The Predatory Blade. It’s a 1-h sword that does 101 damage, but only when using light attacks. That’s technically the highest damage weapon in the game, but you have modifiers due to the light attacks.

Second, spec into STR 30. This gives you +25% damage to light attacks, and an additional +10% damage to anyone with a status effect. I generally rely on a spear for an opener, then switch once the bleed has been applied. This will work with any weapon with status effects, i.e. poison, etc.

Since you don’t need STR 40+ to do absolutely ludicrous amounts of damage, this frees up points for:

  • 30 Vitality
  • 40 Grit
  • Anything else you want to spec, but at least 10 AGI for the sprint cost reduction.

This build allows you to:

  • Do massive amounts of damage using the Predatory Blade

  • Dodge eight times consecutively in light armor, or six times in medium armor (i.e. not get hit)

  • Swim for up to 20 minutes without going dry on STA.

  • Sprint from the Obelisk at The Black Keep to the middle of Godsclaw Passage with one bar.

  • Due to the 40 Grit perk, you should not run out of stamina while attacking with light attacks.

  • Due to the 20 Grit perk, you can easily regen between dodges waiting for 2-3 seconds.

During a solo boss fight with any boss but the snake boss, you can essentially get away from any large area attack (his hitbox is too large to avoid; bring a tank thrall) and still dodge back in to attack.

Combat is pretty simple, even with large groups:

  • Make sure not to get boxed in.

  • Run in, perform a 3-hit on light on the first NPC/foe/boss.

  • Dodge roll left or right, then when they whiff with their attack, roll back into range, and do hte light combo finisher.

  • If you are surrounded by more than 5 foes, do light slashes, dodge, light slashes, dodge, choosing different targets each time. You’ll win by attrition alone, needing no healing unless lag spike or an unlucky blocked dodge - which is why I recommend:

Lifeblood spear. This weapon immediately when equipped gives you +1 health regen per second. Vit 30 is currently .5 health per second. This will fade on damage tick, so if you’re bleeding or poisoned, or cold, no bueno. BUT, when out, it gives you (with VIT 30 perk) essentially 150% regeneration. With roasted haunch, you will regen to full health at 480 HP in ~ 6-8 seconds.

I have named this the “Blade dancer” build, and it’s pretty effective, even in PVP vs pike. It’s VERY effective against heavy epic armor wearers. You’ll out-stamina and out-dodge in almost every situation, and meanwhile, be able to deliver more damage per attack than Mr. Pike-wielding plate wearer.


Holy crap. How clever!! I just now noticed that the key Conan Exiles attributes spell out SAVAGES. That is amazing!! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:


This game - every day - teaches me something new, or impresses me in some newly found way. :smiley:


Yeah I always liked little things like that, like the Fallout* stats spell “SPECIAL” and a game I once worked on had attributes that spelled BEAST :slight_smile:

*first rule of Fallout: We don’t speak about Fallout76, it doesn’t exist, it was all a bad dream, LALALALALA I can’t hear you!

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The second rule of Fallout: we don’t talk about Fallout 3 or Fallout 4 either.

The stats of Wasteland 2 spell out CLASSIC (Coordination, Luck, Awareness, Strength, Speed, Intelligence, Charisma).

So how about that New Vegas hey? What a game.

For me, nothing happens after Dragonage Origins.

New Vegas is fine, it was made by the original Fallout creators and was only a little poisoned by exposure to Bethesda.

Fallout 4 I can completely understand, but what was wrong with Fallout 3…? It was a great game.

I play on barbaric settings.

To start out you don’t need any. Around level 20 to 30 you want 10 points, so you can knock out humans faster. Darfari armour drops + 5 hard points do the trick.

Only bad picks. 10 points for cheaper running is nice to have and cheap, but not required.

More vitality means more room for slip-ups. In the beginning Vitality is kind of an anti-quality of life. Don’t get hit. Regeneration at 30 vitality is required for extreme biomes but you don’t need it at the beginning.

Good points for poor weapons. Jut leave it.

For PvP spearing only. Dodge rolls cost 30% no matter what, making Grit kind of useless in PvE.

10 blunt points are required to start, not for the perks but for your carrying limit. 20 points for qiality of life.

20 points allows for faster construction and halves repair cost of your tools. Mid-game this is very nice.

I actually liked Fallout 4 - but mostly for its basebuilding, the rest was fairly meh. No wonder I gravitated towards CE when the first trailers dropped eh :wink: