Need advice on stat builds

I made a thread similar to this, but it got buried. Are there any guides on a good stat build, like survival, strength, and so on? I would be open to advice here in the forums too.

So far, I’m just putting in points at random.

I’m in single player in civilized mode and use the double small blades as my primary weapon if that means anything.

I recommend 40 Strength for Brutal Strikes.
30 Vitality for Fierce Vitality.
30 Encumbrance for Pack Mule.

0 Accuracy since bows are garbage. 0 Survival because it’s a useless stat.

When first starting, I go for 10 encumbrance, then 20 strength, then 10 vitality. Then keep raising those three till I reach the numbers listed above.

At level 60 I recommend working your attribute bonuses from your gear into your build.

At 60 I have:
34+6 Strength.
10 Agility
30+3 Vitality
0+3 Accuracy
8+3 Grit
33+3 Encumbrance
0 Survival.

As you can see with Strength, I get Brutal Strikes with only having put 34 levels into it, which can be reduced further if I want my build to rely on buffs from food or potions; that would free up more points for other stats.

If you plan on doing sit me fighting, I’d say minimum 30 vitality to get passive health regen.

I’ll try to give you a balanced build based on the fact that your in single player.

30 vitality
20 grit
20 encomberabce
10 agility
The rest in strength

This is what I would roll in if I was just wandering around doing basic gameplay. It’s fairly balanced and would work well.

Now, don’t forget your armor will add points to certain stats as well, so you can always rebalance based on what you wear.

If your going farming,

50 encomberance
20 survival (30 if going after animals)
Balance in vitality and grit

For pvp,

Ha just kidding. I’m not revealing my pvp build but base it on how you like to fight. Strength, vitality and grit are important but it matters as to what armor and weapons you use. Ultimately, experiment and find what fits your play style!

What is “sit me fighting”?

That is what us barbarians call autocorrect. It was supposed to read “plan on doing some fighting” but alas I have failed at English. Thanks for pointing it out :slight_smile:

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Oh! Thanks. I play in single player so I wasn’t sure if it was a term used by the player base or not.

Haha nah man that one was all on me. Enjoy the game good sir.

Hey guys, thanks for the input! I’m gonna have to reset my traits. One thing that everyone seems to be universal on is that survival is useless and I’ve put everything I’ve had into it lol.

(hangs head in shame)

No problem man.

Luckily yellow lotus potions are cheap and easy to make.

I’d only recommend survival in the scenario Nemesis described, for farming a large quantity of materials quickly.

Survival lowers the rate at which water and food deplete. Since they are so easy to come by in mass quantities, it’s a useless stat. For example, at level 28 you can make berry pulp. This basically gives you infinite water that weighs less than water skins. 1 berry seed = 50 berries. 50 berries = 30 berry pulp, 30 berry pulp = 1500 units of water. These stack to 100, totaling a weight of 2 and 5,000 units of water. That’s equal to 20 water skins but weighs less than 10%.

BTW you can try builds (stats and gear) using this Character Planner:

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will you plan to add buffs?

I like that! Thanks!

I hadn’t thought about it. You mean things like elixirs?

And alcohol! Please don’t forget the raging alcoholics.

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alcohols, some soups etc

Ok, I’ll see what I can do. This is probably not going to happen before the weekend as I’m also working on a Gear Finder tool at the moment. And also I spend time actually playing the game from time to time. :slight_smile:

Stay tuned.


low level i suggest
10 agility for longer sprint (10 agi, other in grit if you want to grind exp exploring while naked first)
10 encumbrance for comfort
10 strenght as soon as you want to get thralls
balance vita, grit and encumbrance after that however it suits you
20 strenght if your playstyle fits it (eg. pulling with bow and snake arrows)
accuracy and survival are useless earlygame
the faster node harvesting perk sounds good, but really 20 points to harvest a node in 2 instead of 3 sec or what… the node still gives the same amount of resources in the end, better spent somewhere else.

later i suggest especially in singleplayer where you can not get ambushed by players, to use a yellow lotus potion and go for the 50enc perk. light armor(+5 normal, with a armorer +7, with the bearer backpack +11, and with perfect gear you can get 13 but that is unrealistic)+warpaint(+3).
since most of the time you will be farming and if you only need to go back to base to repair instead of every 10 minutes due to overencumbered, it saves so much time you usually waste.
10+str, 10 agi, 20+ grit, 10-30 vita is also nice to have at that point

That’s a great idea. Thanks!

20 strength is good for every weapon as they all apply debuffs.

Daggers - Bleed and I think cripple.
Sword - Cripple and maybe bleed.
Axe - Bleed.
Spear - Cripple and bleed.
Mace - Sunder.
War Hammer - Sunder.
Bow with any arrows - Cripple.
Throwing weapons - Cripple.
2H sword - Cripple and sunder.

Warhammer, mace and axe can all shield smash too, but that’s not a debuff. All melee weapons have two abilities despite what it says in the description.

So I consider 20+ strength to be a must have for absolutely any build.


Does warpaint come into play with this setup? I have tried using the stat warpaint and it only last 10-15 mins tops.