Skeleton wearing Unbreakable shield

Game mode: Singleplayer
Problem: Bug

Skeleton in Executioners entrance has an unbreakable shield. Spent 5 minutes or more trying to kill him, never broke his shield.

What weapon were you using?
Just curious.

Stygian spear, improved damage (lvl 1)

Ah okay. Thanks.

I know with an axe, you can deal damage to enemies even while they’re blocking.
The fourth heavy attack bypasses shields, deals damage and knocks them down if possible.
And the first three heavy attacks deal damage to the shield without rebounding the way most weapons do.

Yeah, not sure if maces (hammers) work too. But makes sense. Need an updated wiki with these kind of things.

Maces do. And I know some of the hammer’s heavy attacks have the shieldsmash ability too, perhaps just the 4th one, not sure.

I actually listed all the debuffs/abilities of all the weapons in another thread on here.

I tried making some updates to the wiki but I couldn’t get it to work correctly so I gave up. I was planning on listing the healing value of all consumables, among other things.

Can you link to the thread?

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I’ve listed the stats and effects of a lot of things in these threads, as I’m sure many others have.
All this really does need to be added to the wiki!

Thanks, its really useful to know.

No problem.

You’ll notice that most axes and shields say “Shieldsmash” in the information window, but there are some that do not. The ones that don’t list it, still have it. There’s a lot of incorrect and incomplete information in the game.