Pvp 1vs1 + shield

Hello i have one question, how it’s possible to kill a guy with a shield when he’s lock to me ?

Using a kick should break his guard…in theory.

It’s to slow, he has the time to shield up

i tried many weapons :confused:

Pretty sure the mace and war hammer will go through the shield with heavy attacks.

a Axe with shield smash. will break the shield on the last of the heavy combo hit. that or stagger, soem of the 2 handed weapons can knock the player down even with a shield.

From what I read, it’s now going to cost stamina to block as well.

*Nope, still doesn’t cost stamina.

If you get up in the face of opponent and release an arrow behind a shield it will hit. Autolock helps with this.

The 2h weppons combos will work i Think.