Attacking block shield


“Players can block with their shield to make their opponents stagger.”
how trigger this? i see “stagger” after attack shield a few times in game. in 90% i can I attack with a combo on the shield and no stagger

What is your equipment and what is your opponent’s?
Especially, do you use a high quality axe?

hammer and shield. when we tested - at first time the knockback worked, then the one with the shield removed it and took it again. after that knockbacks stoped work.
it does not depend on the quality

I was thinking about some axes that have the shieldbreaking ability, which allows you to hit a shieldblock without becoming staggered.
But obviously that is not the case here…

I think the stagger depends on whether the attack animation could be interrupted by a normal hit or not. Like for example, the first light attack of a sword can be interrupted by a normal hit, if you would hit a shield with that attack you would get staggered. The first heavy attack with an axe however is not interrupted by a normal hit, it will also not stagger you when hitting a blocking shield with that attack.

That’s how I understand it.

The problem is that we tested only hammer’s first light attack. First times stagger worked correctly, then second player removed and took shield again. After that - stagger stop work.

That’s really weird, maybe there is a bug going on with that.

test video
that’s what i’m talking about

funcom? mb move this topic to bugs?

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