Shield bug block

Was traingin with my friend on pvp in online server and we had an issues with the shield. It is probably a bug. Normaly when i counter someone with the shield the player is a bit bump like when we attack the pnj with shields. But sometimes when i block with my shield there is no bump on all attacks with all arms. Sometimes it came back sometims it don’t…That’s really annoying :confused:

It’s a bit difficult for me to understand but you’re saying that sometimes weapons aren’t deflected by the shield?

Heavy attacks from maces and axes never rebound off of shields, they have Shieldsmash. Some other attacks, such as heavy 4 from a hammer also have Shieldsmash and won’t rebound when striking a shield.

Are you seeing this happen with other weapons?

Sorry i’m not english ^^
Yes yesterday i was fighting wis a friend we tried many weapons. For exemple the 2 handed sword, the spear, daggers… Almost every weapons. Yesterday i just take off my stuff and take it back and that was working for 2min, then bug again
Something strange too some attacks where not even blocked with the 2 handed sword like i had no shield …