[Question] Is the shield randomly dropping a bug or a feature

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This has been going on for awhile now so I am not sure if it a bug or feature and every once in awhile again I see it posted about, however there has not been a definite answer to the question that I have seen as so far.

Again: Is the shield dropping randomly on its own before/during/ or after combat a bug or a feature to the game ?

Some shields are throwable.

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Ok. So if you have a shield on your arm up with the button held down it randomly drops so you may throw it if able ?

I have no idea what that means. But if the shield is throwable wouldn’t that explain how you’re accidently dropping it on occasion? Faulty mouse button, slip of the finger, uneven button pressure, etc.

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Oops, I see my mistake I don’t mean dropping the shield to the ground and mean the shield does not stay up to the defensive postion and no mechanically everything is working just fine on any other program I am using on my computer. Finger never leaves the button and no pressure issues also.

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Yeah, when you get hit hard or when you lose stamina the character drops guard. If you’re using the q key on keyboard, just release it and press it again.

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Not getting hit or losing any stamina at all just walking around. The more I type the more I believe I simply just need to submit this as a bug as it doesn’t make any sense to the combat of the game and it didn’t used to happen in the long time I have been playing. Thank you Tele for your input, but the more we speak on this subject the more I believe this is in a fact a bug.


Mmmm…sounds like a bug to me, unless the enemy is somehow interfering with the “holding shield animation”? Like some kind of shieldsmash mechanic perhaps?

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I would agree with the shieldsmash idea, but either the mob didn’t have a weapon with that or a hit never even took place yet. Full steam or close to it but all of the sudden my character decides his shield is too heavy and just drops down his guard.

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