Npc shield bug. Blocking with no shield

I Game mode: [Online |
Problem: | Bug |
Region: oceanic

Just experienced a new bug for me. Wandering around sep city and started bullying a t2 fighter with a shield. I destroyed his shield but now he is holding his arm up like the shield is still there and I cannot damage him. Like at all. My sword is straight bouncing off his arm. I have never seen this, I have no idea how to counter it, arrows and orbs are not doing the job. Has anyone else experienced this?? It’s well weird.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

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Hey @Darkzombie

Did this happen in an official server? Was there a lot of latency at that moment?

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I’m not sure you can destroy an enemy shield. I know whatever equipment I give my thrall is indestructible. Could be that the animation just failed and he bugged into a blocking stance.

Yes official pve server, and I there was no more latency than I normally get there. Wak I regularly see enemy shields disappear after giving them a few decent whacks. I assumed they were breaking.

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Could be breaking. I don’t know never seen one disappear in my experience. Gives me something to try tonight when I get home. I usually roll away and wait for them to come to me when they are blocking. I’ll try just smacking the heck out of the shield.

Thanks for the confirmation. We’ve sent note to our team :slight_smile:

This same bug also happens on private servers when I switch weapons from a one handed sword and shield to a truncheon and shield the shield will disappear and will be fighting with the shield animation but it won’t be showing it.

Same here but the thing is the shield is no longer showing in his inventory even if I try to place a different item in the off-hand slot.

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