Character should be able to counterattack

when surrounded by mobs all attacking constantly there is no chance to roll or attack. Please give the characters a chance to get out of there or attack them. It seems that the monsters can break our attack but we can’t break theirs


I agree there shouldn’t be as much stagger from blocking attacks.

This might just be an issue of the existing weapon imbalance. Some weapons are good at tripping or staggering enemies and some aren’t.

One handed maces and one and two handed axes also have good I-frames (at least right now) so its easier to fight back a group and not get interrupted.

There is a focus on not getting totally mobbed with the recent changes to mobility making it much harder to wriggle free of enemies.

We could look at going full darks souls though that wasn’t grest for fighting off groups either.

Have you tried blocking with a shield?

if you’re getting attacked from all around yourself you can’t raise the shield at all. my playstyle is axe/sword and shield always

First, what was the expectation? Were you playing before the December update because that changed alot about combat.

What kind of situation are you talking about specifically?

I think for this to work in general all they could really do is build in a shield slam with good I-frames that would function like the kick we have now with the benefit of also blocking attacks. Would that make shields too good?

I’m pretty sure the Dev’s in an interview said that they wanted combat to be more dangerous and deliberate. That was part of the reason for the mobility changes.

In the past a player in light armor would dodge roll away from danger like they have rocket powered farts and you could pretty much escape from everything. Also mobility changes just recently happened and the dev team are still tweaking how they want it to work so thing can always change.

As far as being stun locked, the dev team are looking into weapon balances (or imbalances depending on who you ask) and if you are fighting humans or humanoids with weapons you can have good or bad matches. Some weapons with shieldsmash were nerfed (2 handed hammer) while others like the 1 handed axe can tear through someone trying to block.

Not being able to easily get away from enemies was a design choice but weapon imbalances are something that seems to change all the time. It is a survival game after all so if you get mobbed and killed by tigers I’m sure that was there on purpose. I think putting in a riposte would be a trap because its a lot of work on the devs part for something that would not work like its expected and have lots of problems.

take for example executioneer care with a dozen skeletons in there. You don’t have much space to run around and kill them by 1-2. they simply surround you and if your thrall is catching up hbo in the other corner you are locked by their attacks and can’t roll or attack back

I have yet to find myself in a situation where both I’m totally surrounded by AI enemies and I never manage to either block or attack. I’ve been in situations where I’ve been surrounded and stunlocked for several seconds, but I’ve always managed to regain initiative.

Is your ping high?

no my ping is ok, server is good taken care of so no lag

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