We need a shield breaker!



So i played since realise on ps4 and it sucks to fight in pve and pvp against someone with a shield the most weapons bounce off a shield and stuns you for a 1 sek and it’s not funny to fight against a turtle with daggers or a spear…

Everyone use an axt or a mace in fights but why the kick or normal light attacks don’t drain stamina?
and a stamina reaganaration for turtles must be also fixed.

PLS give us a shild break move like in dark souls where you can kick off a shild and is the other player/NPC has no more stamina he get stuned thats better in fights an everyone can use there favorite weapons.

Sorry for my “bad English” but still learning english as a german :smiley:


If you kick a shield 5 or 6 times it will normally break, and then you can just roll stomp the NP as usual. I am used to fighting undead with Bone shields, mileage will probably vary on other shield types. Also, I fight with Daggers 90% of the time and I don’t even bother kicking the shield, I just get behind them and start stacking bleed.

*edited to expand explanation


You mean like maces and hammers already in the game that have shield breaker in the description and can do some damage through a shield and knock them down where you can do more?


The final power attacks (right click) of Axe and Mace go through block.


This is what I do, get behind them. One can also just wait for the shield to drop down, before they attack they have to drop the shield, right? With an NPC using a bone shield, I used my hatchet while the shield was up. Can’t say if it did much damage however as it was a stone hatchet.


Maces and hammers have can break through shields. Axes are uneffected by the shield rebound. We don’t need any thing else, quit trying to make shields useless and use the right tool for the job.


Spear heavy attack is fast enough to hit while enemies are in kick struck animations. Big swords are not. Despite that we already have maces and axes for that. Usually most people uses swords for its big damage, is nice to explore other weapons and its advantages .


Yeah axes and maces like others have said. You could also try gaseous and demonfire orbs to bypass shields.


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