Mace Incredibly Underpowered!, Here is why

The Mace have been shown no love whatsoever:

1.) The hard combo is incredibly slow. Especially the first two strikes. In practice when fighting a player, by the time you make the first heavy strike, your opponent casually walks to the side avoiding any damage, then hits you once as u try to perform the second heavy and you are back at the beginning of your combo due to being stunned.

2.) Being Stopped mid-combo occurs frequently, which makes even getting to the shield breaking 4th strike very unlikely. In comparison, axes’ strong attack combos are unstoppable and a mace does not even cause targets to bleed. In consequence 1 handed maces weapon class becomes hardy usable in pvp.

3.) In order to fix that Mace problem the first two animations need to be replaced with something faster and the whole combo cannot be breakable much like when using an axe or a two handed sword.

4.) To sum up: As it stands now we have really cool looking maces with decent stats in the game, but choosing any of them as your weapon of choice means only that you are most likely die to any other weapon user. This sadly renders maces unusable, much like being an archer.

My main weapon is an axe. The heavy combo ‘can’ be broken but only by very specific attacks.

For example, skeletons using the first heavy axe attack always interrupt my 2nd heavy axe attack.

That’s actually the one and only example I have! It is very close to being completely uninterruptible as far as I can tell. Not that I want it nerfed of course, I like the axe. :slight_smile:

Oh and I believe the 4th heavy attack on the mace causes sunder, while it causes bleed for an axe. So you still have a secondary effect, as all melee weapons do.

Flank them.
Kill them.
Shield doesn’t matter.