Mace is broken & Rope animation cancelling breaks pvp

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Mace Light attack does more damage than heavy . Combine this with rope for animaiton cancelling you can 3 hit kill someone in full heavy bulked plated armor. E.G nortis.

Same with black ice sword with rope for animation cancelling,. The same can be done with a throwing axe afaik.

essentially you can negate any animations using a rope so everoyne runs around with a rope and one of these weapons.

Other feedback :

1 v 1 Archer in light armor Acc/ grit build can kill anyone because of cripple. Keep them crippled and they can’t do anything but walk crippled even if 20 pts in encumbrance to reduce the effect. Also can use elixir of freedom to remove cripple but farming 20 of those takes 20000x longer than to craft 20 arrows.

Overall i love the attempt to make more weapons viable for PvP but if used a piece of fiber bindings breaks the pvp.

Heavy armor is the meta now, (used to be light with 2 pieces medium) but heavy vs mace left click you may as well be wearing light as you get melted :slight_smile:

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  1. self explanatory.

No com’on, this bug was fixed in early access, did it come back? Com’on funcom…get your heads togheter, please how can we even try to defend you when stuff like this happens?

Is the bug where you hang climbing a base and relog to ghost through the base also back?

Com’on guys, we’re understanding and trying to be patient, but com’on…


Hey @JayCee

Thanks for the feedback, it’s been relayed to our team.


Here’s a video showing Mace / Rope / throwing axe animation cancelling combo… funcom pls fix.

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  1. 1 old bug has been returned: via the offhand (throwing axe or rope) you can speed up attacks for 1h weapon but breaking the animation.

  2. 1h clubs have a strange dmg boost on first light attack (only unmounted). It is ultra noticable with 40 ACC perk, so you can deal up to 190 dmg per first light attack (When mounted it is not work)

Both bug’s in combination can provide epic effect of 3 shot full health player.

He is an example

Merging two threads about the same issue.

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