PvP is a joke (players fighting players, not raiding)

3 shot enemies with 1h mace. Combine it with animation cancel for faster killing.

10/10 PvP (Video is not from me)

@Croms_Faithful There you have your mace buffed ;D


LoL, after many days from the update you posting this?

PvP = no skills, but numbers.

Whats going on, I dont understand. Im confused here…for a number of reasons. :thinking: This is going to need some follow up explanations.

The first is why are you guys being 3 shotted with a puny Mace!? Is this an exploit I just watched here, a new meta, a combination of buffs? The second is that I am not architect of calling for Maces to be reworked. Rather I was just one of a growing number of people calling for it. The third is that it is not what I personally envisioned. Rather I was hoping they would simply speed up animations, and change the strange hop attack at the beginning of the heavy sequence. The fourth is that I have made 2 things abundantly clear in my post history; all exploits should be eliminate without mercy, and I would like to see NPC mobs be more challenging. The fifth is that I cant tell if this post is humour (ie-sarcasm) or contempt (ie-attacking me for calling for a Mace rework). It is kind of vague. If it is an attack, I find it bizzare and and very out of the blue, considering we finally found common ground in opposing the Momentum roll/movement changes; something I was a bitter opponent of, and key in rallying opposition to it (alongside many of your fellow PvP players I might add). Furthermore, although we have not always agreed, I have always valued your input and respected you as one of our communities most senior and skilled PvPers. If however this was just humour; hahaha :laughing: cheeky blighter. Not quite what I had in mind, but then neither was the Great Axes heavy attack (again I cant tell you intentions here…). The sixth and final is what was with that techno music…!? Ackhh! Benny Hill music would have been thematically more appropriate. :wink:


I cant even tell what I’m supposed to see. If thats how the game looks on pc I’m glad I play the ps4 version. Seriously.

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Nono, it was not meant to be a personal attack.

I just wanted to summon you here explicitly, because I like to see your reaction to the video.


Well the video is simple, you pick up a mace and basically kill every player in heavy armor with 3-4 hits.

All the players on that server the footage is from know what they are doing, which means they run decent PvP builds with 40 vitality, 40-50 strength, 30 Grit etc.

For me it’s just sad to see how PvP has evolved after Funcom tinkered with the movement system.

Animation canceling is now even more important.

P.S.: the video is not from me.

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Yes exactly this is what happens.

IMHO I liked the spear meta more than this joke.

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No problems cobber! :smiley: And for the record here I meant what said about your standing among the PvP community. Whenever someone newer in the community has need of PvP help, users such as yourself, Zerog, Barnes and WhatMightHaveBeen are always the first to spring to mind and recommendation.

Now regarding the issues derived from the Momentum update. Bearing in mind that I have limited PvP experience, watching the video it was kind of a shame to see. Im not going to get too deep into the Momentum discussion with you now, largely because I have already debated it ad nauseum, but also because it turned me into a bitter twisted old grouch here the forum…well even more so than usual. :laughing:

But it just changed the core gameplay which we both knew and loved so much. Even though for different causal reasons in each of our modes, it landed an array of new problems in our laps. For you guys it created weird metas such as Claws, Bows and now Maces it seems, while pushing Solo PvPers closer to the edge of the precipice. Sure it helped stop runners, but you all already had ways to catch them, such as Throwing Axes and Claws. There has probably been others emerge which Im unaware of too! And for me it meant I couldnt get clear enough to heal before jumping back in, and that certain locations and battles have been pushed dangerously close to Thralls being mandatory to win, whereas a Crom zealot I dont like to rely on others to win my battles for me. Two random but good examples of this include the battle with Thag and Wights in Wine Cellar Dungeon & the Armoured Skeleton and his minions at E,6 in the Unnamed City. Basically when we are surrounded by superior number, ie- 8 to 10+ enemies at once, I dodge and my iframes expire, I take usually upwards of 4 free hits by the group while trying to come out of the animation; which is often a death sentence.

I understand how you feel mate. That same formula which hooked us and other veteran players is now…different. Although I found it interesting how the change united the modes under a common cause. Easier said than done I know, but for now we have to try and adapt buddy. SirDaveWolf you are on an official server arent you…? It was revealed that an Admin setting will latter be added in which will give us the option to switch back to the legacy roll/dodge. Your best bet at this point may be to migrate to a private server with it active when it hits. I know I will be using it when it arrives. Wish there was something else I could do to help you out.

Thank your for your thorough reply.

A little information on the topic for you:

If you equip a one handed weapon it is possible to also equip an off hand weapon (shield, torch, throwing axe, rope, etc.).

When you perform an attack without having an off hand weapon equipped, you can always cancel the animation by equipping said off handed weapon and then you are able to immediately attack again. This is a bit harder to preform on consoles due to the controller limitations than on PC.

So you basically attack, equip off hand, unequip off hand and repeat.

Since maces got buffed so much by Funcom they do a lot damage now even against high armor targets, resulting in 3 hit deaths with 40 vitality.

To answer your question regarding where I play, I sadly have to inform you that I stopped playing Conan right after the mounts update. I am now just observing the game and having my laughs about Funcom’s attempts at PvP balance :smiley:


Cool. Last time I tried a mace I couldn’t hit a damn thing before getting hit and staggered and my attack canceled because the weapon’s reach was useless and the pirouette animations were so slow that I was basically inviting enemies to hit me. But yeah, if you can interrupt the pirouette and still deal damage, I can see why it could be a problem, especially if they increased the mace’s reach.

Other than that, it’s hard to see on that video whether the mace is actually a good dueling weapon or if it’s just good at killing people from behind during a chaotic melee. We also don’t know how many hitpoints those targets had, although if they play PvP it’s likely they’ve invested at least some points into Vitality.

But I suspect Perkele (an old Baltic god of thunder, but the name has later been adopted into Finnish as a synonym to the devil) is simply overpowered against mere mortal foes.

Allow me to clarify a bit. I was just throwing this video into the room :slight_smile:

First, the changes Funcom made to the mace are the following:

You hit your target on the light attack very early in the animation. It also deals for some reason like 3x as much damage as it should do.they also extended the range a bit. If you add the animation canceling I described in my reply to croms faithful, you will relatively quickly notice how broken it actually is.

Second, regarding the players he was fighting:

They are all experienced PvP players. I also played with and against them. They know what to do and how to put their attributes. They run 40 vitality builds in flawless epic heavy armor with bulked platings. So the damage of the mace is actually ridiculously high in PvP.

I hope you can see the picture in more detail now.

I am confident at this point that this setting won’t be implemented.

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How about adding a delay between weapon changes? Instant swaps looks stupid anyways.

What makes you say that? (Genuine question, no snarkiness intended)

There actually is a delay between weapon changes.

The problem with one handed and off hand weapons is, that you technically are not changing weapons.

My pleasure. And thanks for your comradery throughout said issue.

Handy to know, as my preferred weapon combination is the War Axe/Sword and Shield combination. While you are correct that it works a bit differently on a (ps4) controller, Ill give it a go. SirDaveWolf I know you are frustrated at the moment, but do yourself a favour and keep a watch on the forum; hopefully someday soon enough our classic dodge roll shall return.


I would be happy if they’d replace the useless armor bonus whilst rolling perk with an extended roll perk.

I mean seriously, I use the dodge roll to avoid damage and not to tank…

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I agree. Instead of doubling the armour value, double the roll distance. Nimble Tumbler already functioned well beforehand, and I personally would argue was both more interesting and better before it was changed. There was a number of times I used Heavy Armor in conjunction with Nimble Tumbler. Another option I liked prior to the change; we could have just moved Nimble Tumbler to perk 3 to make it more affordable (this equates to much more Heavy Armour viability for myself), and redesigned Iron Hard Muscles for the T4 perk.

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So the best fix is, that you cannot do animation canceling.

And switching from main to offhand should also have the same delay.

The problem with the new rolling mechanic is that the distance is too short regardless of agility or armor class.

Heres a video of me getting slaughtered by a thrall.

In this fight, I had a big upper hand on my opponent but the thrall simply cleaved me through the dodge. There is not much I could hace done differently in that moment, except position myself better, away from the thrall.

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I don;t remember them talking about the dodge roll being a setting to revert back. They did however put in a setting for the momentum, that if lowered enough, effectively turns it off. the dodge/roll is animations and hard coded data that is either there or it is not. so a setting would mean 2 different animations that have to be stored for one to swap between, along with the files that tie it to the character, etc…