PvP is a joke (players fighting players, not raiding)

I guess you meant to reply to @Croms_Faithful. I was the one saying that the setting described by him won’t be implemented.

Just agreeing with you, but in a round about factual way i guess, while popinting out what was quoted was misunderstood by the og of the quote…i am confused :).

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This whole thing feels wrong. I’ve been using maces threw all of their ups and downs and I’ve never killed someone in 3-4 hits. Even with me have 40 str and them having 40-50 vit and heavy armor it still takes at least 8 heavy hits. This video feels sketchy.

One of the major complaints from the PvP crowd before the update was that dodging was too strong, made heavy armors obsolete and made it too easy to disengage and run away. I guess it all depends on whether you’re the one doing the hitting or the one getting hit.


This wouldn’t be a problem.

Just look at the old dodges, they also were different animations.

Light dodging was strong because the heavy armor dodge barely had any i-frames. (The light dodge too, but it had the range and speed).

Also it was not always a get out of fight, because the enemy could predict your roll and roll too, so their roll didn’t bring them out of danger. Stamina management and stamina calculation of the enemy was a thing too. If they rolled out of a single hit, then the attacker had a stamina advantage which can be abused by forcing another roll for example.

Just outsmart your opponent.

The main problem with the old system is that it was too fast paced for some/a lot players.

The problem with the old roll is that it could be chained so that the character could move at 15 meters per second. That’s one reason why it should’ve been changed: other players can’t possibly hit you if you move (loosely) at 1.5x gravity. My last Let’s Play includes a side-by-side display and brief analysis of the rolls, pre- and post-patch, focusing on Light Roll. ETA: The link below starts at this part of the video.

As I also state in the vid, the current roll is at about 5/8 the current maximum human footspeed. This means we have three 1/8-pie wedges left to tune the roll upward. :slight_smile:


Yes yes this is all right!

But my point can be explained with this video:

Video is from P-Firelord

He is fighting against this guy that is so predictable. So the long roll is actually not an issue. And yes this is a small arena they are fighting in, but still: predict your enemy and outplay.


Luckily i don’t have this on my server (yet), but it’s bad enough even without it because everyone runs archers and just infinitly run in circles from you until their allies will finally land a shot, and then just finish you (especially fast if they have armpen arrows). And the only melee weapon that is used - is a legendary Yog’s axe because of it’s insane armpen and how it combines with armpen bonus from the archery skill… Most people on the server left the game already because pvp is simply not fun anymore. It’s a running in circles simulator, with bows attached.


You’re right. No more than you can group all the pvp’ers together and say that they all dislike the change.

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FUNCOM wanted that PvPers to FIGHT and dont run/dodge-roll away.

Remove off-hand tricks and animation cancel.

And can you also do these tricks at consoles?

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Since most everything is by default switched via rotary wheel “hard E” style select, it’s considerably harder to pull off, out of the box. However, with app-based (read sketchy) remapping, or even a custom controller, you’re in business.

And finally, there is a new rear paddle-switch add-on for the PS4 controller that is receiving broad acclaim. This add-on nestles under the batwing and is easily actuated with your ring fingers, or middle fingers if you’re not good with index/middle on the shoulder buttons. (I believe that’s why it was designed: to take the heat off of the two lower shoulder buttons.)

I did see a real version of this at a popular consumer show. This accessory is purportedly the best way to actuate the weapon switch/canceling right now because it allows you to map the “canceling weapon” to one of the paddles. If the main wep is on the left paddle and the cancel wep is on the right, you can flip-flip almost instinctively without moving your thumbs, index, or middle fingers.


please stop complaining about maces, they always were terrible for pvp. now that it has a chance u people want to it get nerfed. The damage should not be nerfed, only the cancel animation, geez.

no u cant. On the consoles we dont have a quick unsheath button

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I haven’t seen that this requires what we’d call the C key on PC. Are we talking about the same thing?

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