Double the amount of HP for players?

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No one should be able to one hit you, two hit you, unless they are black belts… Or use a gun…

why can you in Conan?

Then pvp might be fun.

Ok Go, let the flaming begin…

People shouldn’t be killing you in two shots. But really we need more information, are you both the same level? what build are you using? What weapons? Could the other player be using the mace exploit?

But the main gist of the post is more base health, that I agree with.
I think it should be a conservative boost, but still a boost would help new people at low levels.

Nah I havent died of the mace exploit yet. Im talking in general. Its to low I feel.

Im always in 30 20 30 0 20 20 20…

Realism aside (A dragon that can melt steel hitting you with it’s breath,A giant that can break a tree in half hitting you with a 300lb ice axe)Hp are at a good place they do seem low though with 50 Vitality I have 600.I hardly fight once I get a thrall at least anything endgame.I tag with weapon or bow and support it with healing arrows and give it food for regen.I’ve done that for so long I thought It was intended.But yeah If I was more durable I’d probably fight my own battles.Anyways you were talking pvp I usualy pve so I wouldn’t know.

My topic buff the player doubles starting HP,Stamina and encumbrance. I’m upset you didn’t respond to it before creating this topic.

Never saw it sorry.

A rocknose can even 4 hit u at lvl 60, we dont feel superstrong i think.
and undead wolf 2 hits you.

No im on PVEC.

Unecessary and uneeded. If ur getting 2 tapped ur vit must be 0, only thing 2 tapping me with 30 vit was lvl 20 thralls before their damage nerf. Player stats and attributed are well balanced.
But some of the perks deffinitely need to be changed up…

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