Player Health and Berserker perk possible change?

I have seen the marvelous wonders of this game and am greatful to be a part of this community now. However I have currently joined for a intriguing suggestion that another player has told me about player health and the last perk of strength which if I recall is the berserker perk which increases damage by 50% at 25% of the player’s total health. Obviously one can easily be aware of what my intentions are with this post, I only ask if it would be possible or be concerned to increase the player’s health from 200 to 250 or higher if you decide to. Now I highly agree with the topic this player has told me, that no one does like or prefer to maintain a constant health percentage of 25% to activate this perk. Yes I understand that I must account for PvP as well as common PvE, however one can be easily killed at 25% against the higher enemies which do devastating damage to a player with a about average health pool of 450 and a armor rating of about 400 to 800 depending on their preference on medium or heavy armors. I suggest that we rise it to a considerable amount as 50%, a basic 50/50 which would be phenomenon if so. I also understand that we have Thralls with insane amounts of health and yes I do love them since life is much easier with them around but I honestly wish that I could rely more on myself then the Thrall. Always hiding behind a Thrall to wait in till the aggression has been forced onto the Thrall instead of myself. At times the Thrall it self becomes bugged and unable to fight and so am forced to engage in a fight that I may not survive from. Well I said enough, have a great day and farewell.

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