Just another plea for thrall perk adjustments

  • Fill the greater wheel with 8 volcano T4 fighters
  • Get an Erii with 95% Strength growth chance
  • Level up and got quite a few with 2 strength points
  • Ding level 10 moment of truth…
  • +5 Survival -3 Strength
  • Reeeee

Better to get it 10 than 20, and at least it was + Survival not plus Accuracy, but yeah the negative Strength/Vitality perks on fighters have got to go. We’re only showing a 65% retention rate on the last 40 thralls we got to 20.

Even assuming that we did all of them with complete efficiency that’s still like 35 wasted hours of grinding just on those 40. A day and a half just gone.

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Yeeeah, if they don’t come off the wheel with 86% or higher strength growth they’re out. That being said I do understand they aren’t worthless just because they lost 3 strength it’s just why would that even be an option for a fighter when strength vastly outshines the rest of the stats anyway.

I wouldn’t mind negative trade off if we had unique perks instead of flat numbers. Gaining increased passive life regen but lower your overall vitality gain. You receive strength reduction but in return they do double bleed damage. Thralls would feel much diverse and unique and have a more specific purpose instead of it being “okay time to farm some mobs, who has the most strength”.

I’m only speaking from single player perspective. Maybe giant hp thralls are a thing for pvp, I don’t know.

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