What happened to all the non-survival perks

I know they exist from the original map, but on Isle of S,
every single thralls gets at least 1 survival perk now.
Dont think I have seen a vitality or strength perk for the last 15 thralls.
I wouldn’t mind so much, but lucky level 20 often gives that fantastic +8 survival, -5 strength.
Best to check the dictionary on the meaning of perks.
Maybe rephrase them to detrimentals.


@Halk ,It is true , if I have to choose between survival and archery on my fighter , I definitely choose survival . This dead eye , or warden had become a nightmare to my fighter lvling . I definitely choose survival , yet @Gooseneck is a bit right here , survival perks on Siptah fighters goes over 90% that they’ll get at least one perk and it becomes annoying :woman_shrugging:t3: .

@Halk ,Do you have rope bridges there ?:rofl::rofl::rofl: . One day m8 , one day

I believe that luck is all you need , all this time I try a lot of ways to affect the growth of the Thralls . About the claims that you mention maybe they are mine too , yet my conclusion after all this time is what Socrates the philosopher said …

One thing I know very well , that I know nothing .

Yet , once more , if i have to choose between survival and archery for fighters , I choose survival . Survival is very important for a fighter either pve or PvP , a sandstorm mask cannot save him-her from direct poison hits , so having survival buffs is not so bad , annoying maybe , but bad no way .

Either way I ain’t gonna stop gathering info about Thrall growing , I am not totally convinced that you can affect only 14% the out come of the perks , I just didn’t find it yet .

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