Rework Perk system for thralls

It is really frustrating to level a t4 fighter to level 20 just to get dead eye, Archer or marksman perks. This shouldn’t be a thing. We should be able to have more say or dictate the growth of our thralls through food. As of now, feeding a thrall the right food guarantees higher % for each stat. But what if we could also improve the RNG chances of getting perks related to the stat. For example, feeding my archer thrall unappetizing fish could boost the chances of my archer getting an archery perk at each respective level. Feeding my fighter gruel should boost the chances of her getting a strength perk and so on. I’m not asking for a 100% guarantee but a slightly higher possibility so it feels rewarding to level your thralls and avoid useless perks like archery perks. Or remove these perks from the fighter perk pool.


Yeah this has been an issue for a long while. For whatever reason, Funcom really loves ‘lol it’s RNG’ as an endgame loop. Very cheap way to implement ‘replayability’ perhaps.


its like climbing an entire hill only to find a middle finger up there. But hey, we can start climbing another one…yay

Its not like good stats are a complete gamechanger, but it just feels so awful to get useless one.


I hope they rework it. I play alot of MMORPGS and RNG isn’t a big deal when it makes sense. But the current system is rng for the sake of rng.


yeah that reminds me some oldschool MMO games I played, RNG was sole endgame loop and it took ridiculous number of attempts to achieve topdog content to the point there was no point
I don’t mind thrall/pet lottery that much thou

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Exactly. It’s not like these bad perks actually ‘ruin’ a good thrall, they’re maybe not as good as they could be, but they’re still basically fine (at least for most things). The issue is the feeling of utter disappointment it generates, and the frustration of feeling like you put in hours of work focusing their levelling carefully with a tailored diet, only to have perks undo five or even ten levels worth of work. I had one recently with some of the best growth chances I’d ever seen in the stats I wanted (the only 94% strength growth chance I’ve seen in 1200 hours) - she got Deadeye at 15 and Warden at 20 for -5 each to Strength and Vit. Reality is she is probably still pretty decent - but I never used her again because I felt disappointed just looking at her…


Yeah this is still an awful design. It was bad back in the Exiled Lands, but at least a replacement thrall was easy to get there.

Just had yet another fighter become worse by leveling up (-3 strength?! Gee, thanks!).

Is she “ruined” ? No, but it renders an already difficult gameplay loop even more frustrating.

Edit: Just saw I already commented on this. Oh well. My point stands, since it keeps happening.


It’s awful design in that the perks received by the fighter should be reflective of what they’ve done in their previous levels. If they’ve mainly used a hammer, the perks should be reward for that so focus on perks suitable for that. Likewise, if your fighter plays as an archer they should get archery perks.


that’d awesome but we are dealing with an indie company can’t ask for much.

Not to mention accuracy on 99% of the pets. Or 100% because I’m not sure that locusts spit attack (both the little green and the queen) counts as ranged.

Imagine someone lifting weights and training their endurance for months only to find out they developed archery skills. Doesn’t make sense.
My purge fighter, 11k hp, got -3 strength at level 15 and -5 at 20. It deals less damage than a T3. I find myself between the decision to delete her or use her as an armor stand.

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Been there, felt that :wink:


Too many truncheon hits on the head recently?

My life (or even my gaming enjoyment) isn’t ruined because thralls get random perks, but having played tabletop and computer RPGs for almost 30 years I do kinda hope that random character creation and development was left dead and buried in the dark ages of the 1990s.

We had some good times in the old Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay: Roll for your character’s profession “Ooh, a Pit Fighter, cool!” roll for your character’s stats “Weapon Skill 22. Yeah, let’s restart character creation.”

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Quite right. Random Characters are also significantly more funny in a face-to-face/tabletop environment where you can laugh at each others’ (mis)fortunes - and where something egregious enough can be quietly rerolled - than they are in an online environment.

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Getting a random character during creation requires your “agreement” lets say. You are down to it, you get random stats and skills, and lastly decide if its your taste or not. There is no investment yet and you can simply ignore it by rerolling a new character, like you mentioned.

Thralls don’t have any of that. Its a "here is some +20 SUR -5 STR and Good day sir!.

On top of that, there is much more fun and meme potential with a joke character with weird stats, than a mere souless NPC that follows you around that hits stuff. It just happens to…hit stuff less, boring.

Hey! NPCs are people too!

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But doesn’t NPC stand for Non Person Creature?

It is realy strange that even pets who are not able to do any kind of long range combat can get archery perks.

This system needs a change or at least a “Reroll Potion” or something.

They just gotta rework the whole system. Fighter thralls shouldn’t be able to access the ranged perk pool and vice versa for archer thralls. The only perks that should be shared among them all are vitality, agility and survival. The only pets that should get accuracy are pets that shoot stuff like some spiders and one of the salamanders.

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