Stop tilting the RNG numbers for fighters and archers perks

It has become obvious that the RNG numbers for fighter thralls getting fighter based STRENGTH perks, and archers getting ACCURACY perks on leveling up at 10,15, and 20 are badly squed to block this. Right now my archer thralls always get Strength based perks, quite often one at 15 and one at 20, but never an archery perk like Ranger. Meanwhile all my Fighters ever get is Ranger and Warden!!

The people I play with report the same thing so often it has become a joke, like what else did you expect from a nerfed-up game like Conan Exiles?

At first it wasn’t like this, there seemed to be a fair chance of getting any perk when a thrall leveled. This is called fair and balanced. But this is no longer true and obviously so.

Anyway, I am calling your attention to the problem of your RNG numbers governing these perks to be being really out of whack. My fighter and archer thralls have not achieved a class correct perk in about 3-4 months and that covers about 30 thralls. Only one fighter got Strength perks, and zero archers got Accuracy perks. My friends report the same results.


Perk system is broken and needs to be fixed. It is a hateful mechanism as-is.


It’s funny (not) I just got a thrall with 100% in accuracy and he got his first perk : “Born Warrior” +str. and I thought, “noooo he’s born an archer !!!”

I know warriors can be archers, that’s not the point here. He got a strenght perk and the name of it suggests he’s born a strenght warrior when definitely not.

I also have a good laugh every time I get a lvl 15 perk that totally contradicts the lvl 10 perk.

Lvl 10 : oh your thrall is blind af can’t hit a target but knocking his head on every wall made him tough !

Lvl 15 : your thrall is the best sniper in town, never miss a shot but he’s always getting sick and is very fragile.

Lvl 20 : uR ArChER r A FigHtER !

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Well I like positivity and solutions. Make it to where you can either A: Pick a perk amongst all avaible perks, or B: Randomly recieve 3 possible choices and pick 1 for each tier. That way we an either have 0 Rng, or more controlled RNG :slight_smile:


What’s really crazy is that some named archers will start out with 15 strength but 0 accuracy, and some fighter thralls have accuracy but 0 strength. At least get the base stats right please. What is the point of getting a named archer with zero accuracy.


Question for you, if your archer once enthralled show’s fighter superior stats then turn your archer into a fighter. And vice versa from fighter to archer. The label of archer and fighter is supposed to be what superior method they fight as, but both fighters and archers can use any weapon. So I feel like the solution here is simple. Give the archers melee weapons and put str / health based food in their inventory :smiley:

What ticks me off is that these numbers are essentially useless, thanks to their penchant for using hidden multipliers. You can’t compare thrall A and thrall B, see that thrall B has higher accuracy, and conclude that thrall B deals higher damage with ranged weapons. The numbers are only useful if you’re comparing two specimens of the same archetype.

The whole thrall leveling system was rushed. :man_shrugging:


This should only happen because of the origin of the Thrall. Think of it as a bit of a racial bonus.

Though I will say growth rates and perks ought to be skewed for their class. Which is the real problem.

I’m not sure if it’s just RNG smiling but I recently started filling my thralls slots up with gruel to heal when out on a run. Sheer laziness on my behalf as I had run out of haunch, couldn’t be bothered to farm up and gruel is dead simple and cheap to make. My last two thralls I’ve levelled a Snowhunter and a Teimos since I started using gruel have had great perks focused on STR and VIT. The only strange one I had was still a STR bonus but mentioned something about being blind so lost accuracy. Like I said could be coincidence but maybe here’s something in what you feed them.

I hope not, I had already lost so many hours because of these hidden multipliers and insidious RNG Perk implementations.

I just got a bearer to 20, gained 8 accuracy and lost 5 points of health. This happens so often that now I have 12 Maelstrom fighters all sitting on level 19.

Those who say that you can’t expect every thrall to be perfect, who says they will be? They already have a percentage to gain per attribute, and hidden multiplier and I put in the time and effort to level them.

Nobody is asking for perfect stats or perks!.Just no negatives, and especially at level god-damn 20.

No perks even, whatever. Just don’t reward players after hours of grind with a kick in the nads.


My “Born Warrior” 100% accuracy archer finally hit lvl 20 and got -8 accuracy, I’m dead :rofl::rofl::rofl:


Its never that simple. I have already gone this route, and the archers that make it to 20 just dont have the melee damage output needed.
This is why I just stick with Liams for now. 30 strength to start. Higher than bezerkers and any other melee thrall in the south. I leveled up one to 20 and he hits like a Mac truck.


Hi, yeah I’m really sorry to hear that. It seems after having talked to many others that the level 20 Perk is almost always minus strength or vitality and plus survival or accuracy with a very small chance to get a pure vitality perk. Be happy if you only got a survival perk with no negative.

Instead of releasing all these updates to address dozens of obscure bugs that most people have never encountered they could focus on these fundamentals first.

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I couldn’t agree more. My fighters keep getting Warden.

There’s what, 6 attributes for a thrall? An Accuracy perk should be like a 17% chance. But instead it’s more like an 80% chance.

Pretty sure Funcom did that on purpose to Troll.

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Atm, a “Lian” is the only way to go imho.
Lians seem to even have a better chance for the real fighter perks (maybe I am just lucky with that).
Everybody else just sucks leveling.
And archers?
Even if they would level right, they do no damage and their fighting tactics are:
Take out bow, run into Infight, realize to be to near, back step (or back flip, if they have daggers in their inventory), take out bow, if they have reached a distance to the enemy that would favor using the bow… and rush in to melee distance…( begin circle anew…). :rofl:

edit: fixed typo

Have you tried equipping your archers with decent bows and arrows ?

They definitely do some nice damage with Bow of the Khan and dragonbone arrows.

The best archers with the best weapon will never do as much damage as a fighter but pretty close (comparison done between a RHTS archer and Dalinsia).
Also don’t equip them with a melee weapon and they will never run into melee.
I level up archers regularly and I’m very happy with them as base guards (need to know a couple of placement and building tricks for them to be efficient as guards).

In October 2020 a lvl 60 player told me he got 3 shot by one of my archer. The player was wearing flawless epic heavy yamatai and my lvl 20 RHTS had Bessie bow and dragon bone arrow.

In all honestly, perks shouldn’t even exist. Just incorporate a reasonable amount of stats to the respective “useful” stat to every character and thats it.

There is absolutely no point in adding traits if they are completely random aside from being frustrating and annoying

And even then as @CodeMage mentioned, multipliers pay a much more important role in overall damage, sadly. Even better, these stats are hidden.


Since points are additive (if I’m correct), and the multiplier is… well multiplicative, it still better thav even 30+ points in STR.
But since thralls are still stronger and WAY beefier than players I don’t look the points anymore.

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Lol, well I’ve just had a t4 fighter with perseverance, warden and deadeye.

And a t4 archer with strong arms, Jack of all trade and get this, NEARSIGHTED.

Alright then, huntress is going to the fighter and bec de Corbin is going to archer I suppose.

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Thinking about how many Nearsighted Archers we have…