Thrall perks *isle of S

Playing on the Isle of S. 90% of my T4 fighters/archers get at least 1 survival perk (levels 10, 15 20).
Thought is was suppose to be random.
Best part is, numerous get that wonderful +8 Survival, -5 Strength at level 20.
Try reducing the frustration level on this game and make it a bit more enjoyable.
Waiting until the end to make your thrall weaker doesn’t really seem like a logical
way to make your players feel like they have accomplished less nothing.


@Gooseneck ,My horse was my first follower so it’s first perk was Universal warrior and I said , omg we start wonderful , the other 2 was the same perks (I don’t remember the name) one +5 and one +10 to avoid enemies ,and I said yes ,cool , really cool .
Then my first fighter was a black Corsair lvl 3 , he got 2 survival perks :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl: , I went frustrated and I head at once for Berserker , I left him lvl 16 , I don’t care , he has a lot survival perks so let him survive :wink: .
My Berserkers so far are getting agility perks , or perks that reduce agility and give strength :woman_facepalming: , so I stop bothering , they are assistants anyway , I build 40 strength and I am good , I need them just for back up , that’s all .

Yes, it is. That’s why people get perks they don’t like.

The problem with perks with a negative modifier isn’t really that they make your thrall weaker. The actual impact to the thrall’s performance is minimal. It’s that psychological effect, the feeling that we were robbed of something that makes people annoyed.

Me, I just come up with a story reason why my marksman turned into an angry drunk at level 20 or why my guard captain focuses on identifying edible mushrooms so much that he neglects his weight training.

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its now 95% of all my thralls have at least 1 survival perk. About 40 percent have 2.
Not random anymore. This never happened on the original map. Now up to 30 thralls,
so the sample size is large enough to know.

Isle of Siptah would more accurately, no pun intended, be called Isle of Transitioning. All my fighter thralls are transitioning to archers.

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