Thrall Perk System rework in the plans, please?

It’s probably one of the most recurrent topics here, please

It’s so tiresome to grind for e.g. a Dalinsia, raise her to 20 and then she ends up with minus 6 in strength/vitality and plus 10 in accuracy or survival for no reason

You can add the best option where we can just pick the perks we want them to have, or have a selection of like 3, but please make them class restricted and don’t let a Fighter get survival or accuracy; you can also let us give them a potion to reset the perks or let us repick them

One other alternative would be let us influence the perks they might get, if we focus on strength foods and fighting a lot melee they lean towards +strength and so on

Or let us put them through a training routine, where they can get XP while not following us around and the type of training we put them through influences their perks

Anything is better than what we have now, please

Yes, the RNG seems to favor archer stats. I finally got one with clean stats that align with a fighter.

One versus half dozen.

The others are still good for defense in heavy purges.

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No picking perks, thats is bad and boring, but a update on the list maybe + an weppon specialist skill to them.

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