Thrall / Pet Suggestions

Say you give a thrall gruel to increase their strength as it’s out in the world, and it increases strength by +14. What I suggest is you can get perks revolving around the stats that are currently being amplified.
Give food to archers that can give bonuses to accuracy, and get perks around that.
And have a way to revert thralls or pets to lvl 0 if you don’t get perks you don’t like. Like how we have Yellow Lotus Potions.

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Yeah, I’d definitely like to see some system that takes account of what the thrall is being fed. At the moment it almost seems like the opposite is true - the majority of the archers that I’ve fed on fish have developed perks that significantly reduce their accuracy, the majority of fighters raised on steak (hard work because they get poor healing from it) seem to have got negatives to their vitality and the majority of those on gruel seem to have got negatives to their strength. Sure, some of that is probably perception, but it also sucks to put in hours of effort and get ‘punished’ in the exact aspect that you were working hardest to improve.

I can understand that there needs to be some sort of RNG component, if getting the best thrall was as simple as just following a specific ‘recipe’ then that would obviously be completely unbalanced. But at the same time, getting results that feel so directly counter to what you have put in the work to achieve doesn’t exactly feel good.

Perhaps something that just increases the chance of getting a relevant perk, while decreasing the chance of getting an irrelevant/negative perk could be good. Though I can imagine it might not be such a simple change - as I understand it, the thrall perk system works off a single table, and might require reworking from the ground up to make such a change.

Reset seems like it should be something simple enough though - behind the scenes the potion could essentially destroy the existing thrall and place a duplicate (level 0) in it’s place (this can already be done with Better Thralls mod, so is evidently possible). And it would at least allow a sense of ‘oh well, I can fix that with some extra work’ (still going to feel like time was wasted, but it’s better than having to also factor in the time to capture and break a new thrall).

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