Can we talk about Perseverance?

Perseverance… the most useless, but also, the most common perk to get on a thrall between levels 10-15… it has no effect, no use, literally nothing, trying to level half decent fighter thralls and every 10 or 15 level perk i get is Perseverance… on a Spinas the marauder, on a dalinsia, on a f*cking 20k hp purge thrall. its a wasted perk slot. and unless you get lucky on the other perk rolls, the specific thrall becomes considerably weaker and less effective than others without said perk. REMOVE IT NOW.

Isn’t that +3 Survival with no negative side effects? how does it make your thrall “considerably weaker and less effective”?

You sound like you want a Universal Warrior or Might of Giants for every thrall’s every perk. Frankly, Dalinsia and Spinas are plenty powerful even if they don’t win the jackpot on perk lottery.

I’ve been training an Exile Fighter I lately. She’s level 12 now, has a good perk (Assassin, so +3 STR), she just reached over 1000 hitpoints - and she’s really quite helpful with a measly stat line of STR 12, AGL 13, VIT 6, ACC 12 and SUR 18, and a T1 Exile thrall’s modest damage multiplier.

Not everything needs to be the absolute best.

(Oh, and as a side note, after fighting a number of enemies that cause Bleed or Poison - Survival is far from a useless stat for a thrall. Unless, of course, your thrall is already invulnerable like yours, in which case perks hardly matter anyway.)

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I’m afraid I agree with @Kapoteeni on this one. As someone whose favorite weapon is the 1H axe, I like my followers to have high survival skill to reduce the risk of death from friendly fire bleed stacks. In addition to carry capacity, I like having a bearer thrall following because their survival is so high.

Hurr-durr. :stuck_out_tongue:
Seriously, + or - 3 STR point does not make a huge difference, bonus strength percentage from attribute points in strength are additive, and add minor boost. Only really noticeable difference would be between a 15 and a 55 STR point thrall.
The base damage multiplier is more important.

Let me tell you a story: I had a nordheimer berserker (30 points is STR at level 0), leveled up to 20 with 72 STR points. He had moderate HP, but low armor and low survival. He easily destroyed the Guardian of the flame, only lost ~1000 HP. I do not heal thralls with this little health loss, so went to the snake. It KILLED my man! Maybe it’s due to the increased poison DoT, but that makes the survival perk even more important now.

Recently I enslaved a cimmerian berserker, her first perk took 3 STR away, I was sad about it, but later it turned out did not make a huge difference, since I have other cimmerians now with similar, or higher STR points and they do roughly the same damage anyway.

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