-3 strength perk for thralls WTF!

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it is clear and obvious to everyone that you have a Dev that is a disgruntled employee from not getting a raise promotion or whatever so has decided to attack the player base in the hopes to get as many people to quit playing your game as possible.

We level fighter thralls and get a -3 (yes you read that correctly negative -3) strength perk. whoever implemented that in game obviously hates this company and is attacking the player base in hopes that they rage quit.
And it seems like 90% of the perks are for survival.
not a single person in this game wants our needs a survival perk for their thrall.
Meanwhile my horse gets a strength perk…Wtf…

I hope this lands in the right hands and you can find the person that has maliciously implemented this and hopes to destroy the player base, remove that person and fix this malicious destruction.

Please provide a step-by-step process of how the bug can be reproduced. The more details you provide us with the easier it will be for us to find and fix the bug:

Relax, it’s random. You won’t be complaining if you got a redeemed perk on your thrall. Most people I talk to enjoy the fact that it can be bad perks, it gives end game players something to do and look forward to. If I get a bad perk now that thrall is a base defense thrall. Getting thralls even on official is super easy just get another one.


Don’t you think I’ve already tried that, this is my fourth consecutive thrall.
One berserker three dalincias.
The dalincias are not easy to get it takes hours upon hours of farming to get her to spawn.
Then after you tame her most of them get screwed on opening attributes.
Back to farming to get another one.
when you finally get one with opening attributes that are worth a crap.
Then it’s hours of grinding to get them to level only to get a perk thats -3 strength and plus to survival.
Sorry but this mind numbing unrewarding grind is not fun, don’t get me wrong I don’t mind grinding to get something that’s good but this is beyond grinding this is punishing people out of the game in droves just go read the posts on Reddit and on these forms multitudes of people are sick of it.
A fighter thrall who gets an accuracy or survival perk and a deduction from their strength is nothing short of a disgruntled dev that is going out of his way to destroy the player base punish them into submission to quit.

This is sad because I was truly in love with this game now it is no longer an enjoyment I no longer look forward during the day to come home to play, because I got to go back to the endless rinse and repeat of this thrall brain damage.
And I am not the only one the forms on Reddit are full of this subject
This is truly sad

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Actually survivalibity perk that remove strengh or hp; or archer that remove strengh happens really often since the latest patch (say that having trained in this period may be 400 thralls), some months ago those perks were coming less often (i mean now i have it at around 70% prob), in past was something like 10 or 20%

The perk system is garbage, no one I know likes it. I’ve leveled dozens of thralls and not once have I thought “oh haha what a funny thing that Funcom decided to waste my time leveling this thrall and gimp it”. This is a horrible idea, especially as a mechanism to give the game longevity. It’s one of the multitude of poor game design decisions and bugs that make the endgame pointless and boring. It’s also a terrible thing to do to casual players - I have tons of thralls, although it greatly aggravates me every time the “perk” system gimps one, I still have some very strong ones. Casual players with 2-10 thralls are going to be much more frustrated when they get garbage perks.

  • Remove all perks that give a penalty
  • Remove all survival-only perks (survival + something useful perks are fine)
  • Stick to STR for fighters, ACC for archers
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as if they were not op anyway :^)
-3 str wont make the useless, i assure you that, far from it.

I know the feeling of getting a negative perk after i spend time leveling the thrall, but in reality it doesn’t matter if they still hit like a truck and has tons of HP behind a crafted armor

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  1. Tier 4 Thralls Increased Spawn mods - raise % chance to find T4 thralls, so you can find the ones you want in a shorter amount of time.
  2. Mod: Pickup+: allows you to pick up your thrall (basically kills them and adds +1 to your inventory). You can then redeploy them to reroll their stats until you are happy with them.
  3. Same functionality above allows you to stop leveling them if they get a ‘bad’ perk, take all their gear, and reroll them, starting over faster without additional thrall hunting.
  4. There are L10 perks, L15 perks, and L20 perks. Each time they reach a new breakpoint it adds to the perk list, thus reducing the chances of getting the positive ones you’d want for that specific thrall. So it’s a gamble of increasingly low odds of success.
  5. Thralls tend to be strong regardless of their perks. I honestly think the perks are icing on the cake more than anything - I’ve never had a thrall where it was ‘man that +5 str would have made all the difference in that battle’. I’m sure, in an absolute, objective sense it does matter, but for PVE play, they’re all OP and the perks really don’t matter except to perfectionists.
  6. You need to take a chill pill.

This game is dying rapidly and is bleeding its player base.

this is a constructive post to wake up the developers to the things that drive away players to other games.
You’re obviously in a clan with more fan bois so 5 maning a dungeon each with a thrall then yeah their OP.

If you’re a single player then you will never be able to enjoy the end game without thralls the way they are built.
So gimping them makes it even a worse experience.

  1. Remove all negative perks, nobody should be maliciously prosecuted for leveling a thrall.
  2. remove all of the survival perks unless it’s combined with strength or accuracy etc.

For those of you saying that negative perks don’t have much of an impact since thralls are so powerful - then why do it? It’s hateful. The emotional impact alone on players is reason enough to stop doing it.

Also, every bad decision Funcom makes is compounded by the multitude of other poor decisions they have made. For Lian +/- 3 STR might not mean much, but because attributes don’t affect all thralls equally (yay hidden multipliers!) -3 STR on some thralls is going to have more impact.

Exactly. Thralls are very powerful even if they get shafted for perks. Even my crappiest lvl 20 can solo every dungeon in the game with me semi-afk watching youtube videos.

and are you talking of pve or pvp ?. because on pvp server thralls are dead meat, and thralls are the only system to defend a base and gain some time when you are offline or not at your base. and actually even with 40 thralls level 20 they dont give you more than 20-30 mn.

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