Thrall Perks are still crap

Hello Funcom,

Happy new year. Just a quick reminder: Negative Perks still make leveling thralls a terrible experience.

Have a nice day y’all.


For the love of God please fix the “perk” system. At a minimum rename it because “perk” is a complete misnomer for many of the quirks you are “awarded”.

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Yep. You grind hard to finally find the desired thrall, grind hard to level it, just to have your efforts disappointed by a damn negative perk…

I had two Relic Hunters with 70% growth rate in Strength/Vitality. They were great until level 15 when they both got warden (-5 Vit, +8 Accuracy). They also both received the same survival perk at level 10. Overall leveling two really great growth chance thralls and getting the EXACT same perks which were terrible felt like the game is rigged more than it is random. This happened this week, it still feels terrible and not fun after an entire year of this garbage. These perks need to be fixed or thralls should be able to be picked up and put down again so that you can try again for these “random” perks.

I assume you’re using Better Thralls?

If two thralls level at the exact same moment, they seem to get the same perk, or at least an increased chance to get the same perk. I’ve seen that happen two or three times, more often than I’d expect by pure chance. May still be coincidence, though.

I have had results that may suggest that there is some truth to your theory.

The last time they did a update to the thralls it broke the Xbox that was 6 months ago and it’s still broken to this day so no don’t change anything about the thralls and fix the game people need to stop being lazy and just keep leveling them up we all know that it’s crap but these updates do more harm than good that’s all I’m saying

It really does seem rigged to screw you as that happens far more often than actually getting useful perks.

Yeah… tired of playing on XBox. Their support of it is disgraceful and cheap.

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