I found a Unicorn Thrall

Sometimes perks work out. Check out this lovely:


Not a negative in the list and I haven’t even really given him armor yet. Crom smiled in his direction. Anyone else got a miracle thrall they’d like to share?


Sonja the Strider… At work, so I can’t share a screenie, but she landed at 15692 HP and 54 Str.


I have a Zamorian Bearer III that has 27k hp. However I think that is not too uncommon since the bearer issue…

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I’ve only ever had one thrall get a negative attribute and it was a +5 agility and a -3 accuracy.

However your guy did get some crazy good numbers. Bravo.

Kill that abomination, It goes against everything Funcom are trying to implement into the game, That is some kind of glitch, you are not allowed go unpunished by the new system and when this does happen it is just a glitch in the system. Kill it now before a Funcom admin finds your server logs on and dev wipes you for exploitation.

Funcom have made it very clear in their new thrall level progression that hardship frustration redundancy and punishment are the order of the day, a system that rewards you to a lesser or greater degree is not what they want. PUNISHMENT IS THE NEW LAW OF TH LAND. Now give yourself a few slaps in the face as penance for your crimes and never speak of this again.

Jokes aside good job that truly is a gift from the server and you are truly blessed, cherish this moment for you won’t have many like it unless Funcom decides to amend their thrall leveling system.

Well its tempered by the fact that its still a Tarman… imagine those perks on a cimm zerker…

I’d like to imagine that those stats could appear on any Thrall, relic hunter, cimm zerker, nordheimer. Instead like OP states this is a unicorn kind of situation because of how the level system currently is. I will never get over how stupid a system it is :man_facepalming:

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