Thrall leveling

Why would Dalinsia Snowhunter suddenly become an archer? I leveled her with gruel just like I’m supposed to, made sure she took damage so she’d eat her gruel. And the very first perk she gets is 3 strength and 3 accuracy?!?!?! My nephew got a purge archer who became a warrior for no reason. Are you guys trolling your players? I played Age of Conan, I’ve been playing Conan Exiles since 2018. But if I can’t even have the thralls I want and worked for, then I’m done with you. And to top it off the Star metal nodes are glitched. Do you have any idea how long it takes to farm volatile glands? Or demon blood?


Welcome to the Forum. Thrall leveling is unfortunately RNG not that anyone is happy about it has been since we could level them.I generally give my thrall pork rinds for the strength boosted. Not saying it better don’t give up because some thralls have hidden bonus it has been explained by several players more knowledgeable than me


The perk bonus wont in long run really make or break a thrall.

It SUCKS… trust me… It a ***** System. But…don’t feel to mad about getting wrong perks 99% of time…

Ok, maybe its more like 95%… Ok ok ok ok… maybes more like 94% of the time you get one that doesn’t fit.
Just maybe… 93%… It SUCKS.

Thralls have a bonus multiplier to there attacks, Good idea to look up your thalls. (on wiki)
You can have 22 str thrall with 0.7, and 17 with 1.7 who outshine other.

Thralls in General are Over Powered, RNG kinda ruins them…I mean balances them out.

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Welcome :slight_smile: As @sestus2009 says - the thrall perks as they level are a bit of an ongoing argument (coincidentally, I should have some testing results on that subject that I’ll post in the next couple of days). The main thing to understand is to not worry about it too much - the perks (and even their stats) don’t really make a huge difference. There are several ‘hidden modifiers’ that have a much greater effect - even if all three of her perks turn out negative, Dalinsia will still be one of the best fighters available in the Exiled Lands. The disappointment and frustration, however, is not changed by knowing that the perks don’t really matter, which is why I still argue they should be changed.


Demon blood? Go take the snake out in the unnamed city. It drops like 200 demon blood using the pickaxe. Volatile glands do suck as far as farming goes.

As for the topic on hand…the 10, 15, 20 perks are just that…perks. It won’t make or break the thrall if you are leveling them properly and weeding out those that aren’t going to level right when you break them.


Honestly of late I am getting more positive perks than not. What is wrong with a fighter that can manage a bow and vice versa. Live on Exiles.


Nothing is solved. Are you kidding me that you marked this as solved?

Just How did your comment solve my problem?

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I have no clue I thought the OP had to do that


I think Only you and maybe admins can click the solve check button.
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My problem with it comes when the Thrall’s stats that they do use suffer as a result.
Bonus to accuracy on a melee combatant, not an issue.
Bonus to accuracy with a penalty to strength or vigor on a melee combatant… That is a punishment for leveling. It’s very disappointing to level your thrall and see them get worse at what they do. Take an extra hit to kill enemies or have dozens of hp less.

If accuracy and strength actually had a use outside of specific combat forms (I liked the idea that accuracy could boost penetration for melee and strength could likewise work for ranged), it wouldn’t be such a let down.

Given the random nature of both perks and stat progression, it is very possible to have a thrall dud out. Especially if someone plays PvP, the RNG (first of getting the thrall, then for leveling them) being more impactful than the player choices really stings.

Also, certain perks seem like they should be baked in to some characters… Why don’t our Darfari Cannibal thralls get the Cannibal perk as their first?

The system has potential, but it feels very unpolished and can be quite frustrating.

Not the end of the world by any means, but I sympathize with the annoyance and on a personal level would rather not have the thrall perk system as it currently is in the game.


I propose merging Strength and Accuracy into a single stat for thralls. Anything that boosts either stat will just increase their overall damage for any weapon. A perk that nerfs damage for survivability? A perk that reduces survivability for damage? None of those will go to waste on any follower, no matter the labelled profession. The point is, melee thralls receiving accuracy or a perched archer getting strength, will not result in a wasted perk slot.

You’d have to hit multi negative stats thou to really see difference and be using a Thrall that has a bad multiplier. Or a Bad stat gain, (and failed to gain said stat)
Which is a Thrall you toss in first place.

-2 Str on a melee thrall isn’t all that bad. Specially if your using a high str gain thrall. (which will counter it by leaps and bounds)
“1 hit less”… From what I watched in YT vids discussing it… the chance that one perk is deciding factor is low.

My OCD says toss thrall. But Stats-Math wise… Its not world ending. You have to be most number crunching up tight player known to in universe, To toss a thrall with -2 str perk.
I guess PVP wise maybe… but even then, the margin for OP thralls is pretty decent PVE content wise.

Thou, I know players who toss decent tri-perk thalls cause there short 500hp… -_-’

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You can always put follower on garrison duty if they don’t cut it for active combat patrols.

Or you can do like you say, hand them their pink slip. Either way, it is a game. Besides, there are plenty more NPCs looking for employment in the Exiled Lands and Siptah. You may run into their twin brother or sister, who might like a chance on the A team.

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I save most of my pink slips thralls and pets for World Boss Duty.

Aka, they become World Boss dooty…


I work 12 hours a day 5 days a week, do you have any idea how little off time I have?

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Give them bows with effect arrows. Direct damage is irrelevant.

Yes, it’s a game.
Games are, hypothetically, supposed to be fun.


No, it’s not world ending, as I mentioned.
It is annoying.
Thrall leveling is random.

Stalk a Dalinsia down, finally RNG let’s you find one. Now, not only does she need to have decent percentages in her advancements, but she also has to roll well for perks.
Mediocre is fine to.
However, when after however long it took to acquire and level her, you end up with something inferior to what she came off the wheel as back before thrall leveling was a thing… Or, even worse (altho rare) worse than when she came off the wheel this time, it’s less than amusing.

Keep in mind, those high multipliers work against you when you get a “perk” that lowers vitality.
Furthermore, even if you can push the leveling bonus to 100% for a stat… It doesn’t actually mean it happens Everytime.
I’ve had a couple thralls with a growth rate of 85% +15% from food, not raise that stat when they level.

No, it’s not the end of the world.
But I it’s not rewarding either.

I still have difficulty understanding why people want to grind so much. It’s been my understanding one should be paid for performing drudgery… Then again, there are numerous work yourself to tears simulators out there that hypothetically make enough money that it’s an entire genre.

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That’s great that you’re working even more than a full schedule. Too many people aren’t working at all and it is people like you that make economies work. I applaud you and people like you.