Let's see your best thralls!

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Ok Folks let’s see what you have. I wanna see screen shots of your best thralls fully leveled and geared for combat. Looking for good perks, growth chances. Let us know what food you used to level the thrall. Please give the real name of the thrall if you have renamed it.

Gonna start you out with a Dalinsa Snowhunter, she is pretty good but not the best I’ve had on other servers, which I will share them soon. Praise Yog!
Note: I am new to this server so haven’t got her the best armor yet but will very soon.

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I don’t understand how I can level up thralls with food. You mean in the wheel of pain?

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If you put food in a thrall’s inventory while you are leveling them up, it can cause different perks to happen.

Different foods not only heal the thrall in combat but provide % increases to level up a given stat. Your basic gruel will give +14% chance to level up strength for instance.

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Sound like you know what you are doing. What’s your best thrall?

My best thralls are the ones still sitting un leveled in a chest. Reason they are the best is they still have the potential of not getting ruined by negative perks, The ones I have placed and leveled I would never even consider taking a screen shot of, they are all shamefully castrated by the negative perk system that Funcom so wisely :poop: ed into our waiting mouths. Now I leave them in their box after being captured, fresh and pristine with all the potential in the world and none of the shame of having actually been through the crippling level system. Just as was intended :), never to see the light of day. I will provide screenshots of my thrall chest inventory if you like?

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I just wiped my server so my best thrall is my crummy tarman in the other thread.

She is pretty solid. If I were you I’d change her armor to Max out strength. Idk if you play on a PvP or pve-conflict server but as she stands I don’t think she could one shot another player geared and buffed for combat. Redeemed legion chest and champion legs, then just heavy picitish epic flawless boots, and a God breaker helm. I’d use master reinforcement kit on everything if acid arrows are a possibility of being used against it.

you cant kill a thrall in pve-c.
to kill this particular thrall, you would need:

  • undead dragon
  • red mother
  • rot branch
  • land slide
  • 2 crocs
  • white tiger
    and maybe you would have her down next tuesday

Trust me when I say I have ranted and raved about things funcom has done that was ridiculous but I kinda get the point of making it extremely hard to get a thrall that has good growth chances and ends up leveling with good perks as well. What challenge would it be if every thrall got only positive perks? It would kinda be like before and it would only matter where you got it from? I understand though I’ve been leveling mass amounts of thralls and you lay one down and it has good growth chances, then to level it and the first perk be pretty sold, get to Lvl15 or 20, then get something like warden or resourceful skulker that crushes your hopes and dreams for their future.


I gotcha. I’ve never played PVE-C just PvP official servers. I’d still max that armor for strength just to be able to take down bosses faster because no single boss is gonna come close to killing her unless she had a crap weapon and even then it would take forever

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pve-c = pvp thrall dont die but they can splash dmg you. and you cant break buildings
with her current set up my snowhunter can knock red mother in less than 2 minutes and would have used maybe 2% of her health.
that much armor gives her around 86% mitigation

Don’t get me wrong I completely agree and I am all for introducing a challenge, The random stat growth I am all for, I think that it shouldnt be easy to get good thralls, What I have a problem with is that this can still be achieved without needing negative perks, rather than having negative and positive why not just have different degrees of positive stat growth, so rather let a thrall get between 5 to 10 instead of -5 to 5. The reason I say it is bad design is that it creates frustration and doesnt make you excited to level up thralls, it actually just makes you worried that at any moment they could end up slightly worse than they were just a few moments ago, that I find really dumb and defeating. Makes me want to just avoid the whole leveling system all together.

It makes it feel like you are getting punished for leveling the thrall, which is absurd and I have no idea who at Funcom thought this was a good idea. Instead thralls should just have a chance to only get a minor increase or a really big increase, atleast then there is still a feeling of progress even if you end up with a bad thrall because it didnt get the significant growth increases you were hoping for it atleast never went backwards. That is my big problem, have the RNG, make it challenging to get perfect thralls I am all for that, but don’t have it discourage players from leveling thralls as that is just stupid. A sliding weighted RNG scale from say 1 - 10 would be worlds better and more welcomed by the player base than allowing thralls to regress. I mean it’s like my thrall what breaks his fingers while fighting an enemy with me??? and now has worse melee than before… Come on what is that Funcom

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She’s a pretty good al-rounder.

Imagine him with the perks Dalinsia got :smiley:
He suffered a bit on the HP side, but healing arrows…
I also captured a Beast-tamer Varet, he is being cooked at the moment, will be ready tomorrow! I’m gonna give him a lot of HP boost, probably gonna end it around 20K. That would be great.

I know he’s a pet, not a thrall, but I’m proud of him too. Those perks!


Ah yes, Schrodinger’s thralls, neither good or bad stats.


Completely agree. But to add even further, adding RNG on long term tasks like levelling thralls is completely dumb.


That first Dalinsa is maybe the sexiest thing Ive ever seen. Idk if you play PVP but she is what you want to have at your side. She could one tap any player easy and I dare say kill any thrall in single combat. I’d give her the name of some powerful goddess. Bravo

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