Let us see your best thrall!

Ok Folks let’s see what you have. I wanna see screen shots of your best thralls fully leveled and geared for combat. Looking for good perks, growth chances. Let us know what food you used to level the thrall. Please give the real name of the thrall if you have renamed it.

Gonna start you out with a Dalinsa Snowhunter, she is pretty good but not the best I’ve had on other servers, which I will share them soon. Praise Yog!
Note: I am new to this server so haven’t got her the best armor yet but will very soon.

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Is this a kisthis fleshtearer? And I see he has the +14 strength growth chance where you gave him gruel, was that what you gave him when you leveled him or just something to Regen health after he leveled?

The whole time leveling he was fed regular gruel. And yes its kisthis. I only use votaries fighters for pve purges. Health is great out the box allowing me to focus primarily on strength. You don’t need high vitality if he kills quickly. My thoughts after watching a video on vitality vs strength by Firespark81.

Currently my best one. But I am leveling up archers currently (max to 10)

I had 3 other thralls which were really good and got fliped over at lvl20, with a negative STR perk… Horray /NOT

Yours is the best I’ve seen from the volcano. Look at this Dalinsa some else posted. I’d love to see these two battle, she does a good bit more damage so I’d bet on her but your guy may have enough health to last. Good stuff.

have better but can’t find picture currently

My Daicas could have +2 str more. His boots are godbreaker boots to repair stuff, which have +2 enc.
+3 hoodie, +3 chest, +3 gloves, +2 pants and +5 from perk = 16.

My last 2 thralls got flipped at lvl15 (-str and +acc perk) and the other one at lvl20 (same bad perk)… Its sooo annoying.

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