Post up your best thralls

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So the forums have been very heated lately so I thought I’d try to give us all something a little more light hearted to read and participate in. Plus it would be nice to see what luck others have had with the perk system because I’ve not had much lol. So if you want to than post up a pic of your favourite or best thrall. Pls this is not a post to complain about the perk system or have debates, there’s more than enough threads of both available if that’s what your chasing. I’ll kick it off with my best Dalinsia to date.

Not perfect but my best so far.


Mmmmm M&Ms… but for some reason I think that was unintended

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Lol yeah I’ve no clue what happened there :joy::joy: fixed now though

I honestly thought at first I was missing a joke about Candy Coated Thralls…

I’d post one but I just wiped my servers sooooo… I dont even have a pet rock yet.


Not the strongest, but it seems i do not screenshot my thrall. Have another one with a Sonja at lvl 0


Kathrock?? Is that a Siptah thrall? Looks amazing!


Ok. I went on the Official Siptah i play on. I knew i had a really good one there.

It could have been even better :frowning:

And yes it is a Karthok of the Great Beast. I found him to be best on Siptah.

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Nice :+1: none of my relic hunters are as good as this.

That 2nd perk :))))

That melee damage bonus though :scream::scream:

:partying_face: He is wealding Schythe of Thag :partying_face:

Edit: i think i might have even better. Where base strength is around 45-50. But i do not have an Shieldwright on that server so they wear cimmerian :slight_smile:
Edit2: Do not ask why especially that kind of artisan.
Edit3: Siptah is crazy! :partying_face:


I assume we are talking about the latest generation of followers, like since the Siptah release:

T4 Named Buccaneer


Noob question. How you post a screenshot like you guys do?


I have no clue :)))

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Does not matter :slight_smile: Any thrall. Exiled Lands has some very strong thralls :slight_smile: Siptah is a step above though, together with the gear and weapons.

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Capture screenshot (on console) share via Twitter than save to photos and share mate. At least that’s what I’m doing.

I just copy and pasted my screenshot from Steam.

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Everything is so much simpler on pc lol :joy:

Nice, what armour is that? Looks cool af

Probably my two best in terms of killing/tanking.