Top 3 fighter thrall followers

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Which three thralls do you consider to be the strongest followers in the game - both in terms of damage and survivability? Strictly for PVE.

  1. Dalinsia Showhunter - high health + excellent damage
  2. Relic Hunter Treasure Seeker - high health + little less damage
  3. Beastmaster Tiemos - very high health + good damage

What is your opinion?


Meh, let’s open calculator app

Consider we have Crom (96 dmg) and the thrall gained 30 str and has +14 str from the equipment (max that can be obtained with armor)


0.8% for each 1 str, 2.08 melee multiplier, 1x exp gain
(1 + (30 + 1 stock str + 14) * 0.8 / 100) * 1.1 (10% bonus damage in buffs) * 96 (Crom) * 2.08 = 298
Comment: tons, TONS of hp, 9-13k is like normal for them. Every additional strength gained has big impact on the final output damage. Must be levelled up at least to 15, he is not strong when unpacked. Personally, love him. One of our guys have 41 str. He is absolute beast.

Relic hunter

0.8% for each 1 str, 2.21 melee multiplier, 3x exp gain
(1 + (30 + 0 stock str + 14) * 0.8 / 100) * 1.1 (10% bonus damage in buffs) * 96 (Crom) * 2.21 = 312
Comment: their chance to increase str vary from 40% to 70%, but the chance to meet 70% is very low, like 1 thrall in 15-20, usually 45-55%. That makes the target - 30 str gained - difficult to achieve. Moreover, their bonus damage for strength seems to be a bug: they are 3x exp needed fraction and have 0.8% bonus instead of 0.4% like Cimmerians. Can put good DPS even on 0 lvl: 259. Have nice amount of hp

Dalinsia and her berserker friends

0.4% for each 1 str, 2.21 melee multiplier, 3x exp gain
(1 + (30 + 15 stock str + 14) * 0.8 / 100) * 1.1 (10% bonus damage in buffs) * 96 (Crom) * 2.21 = 288
Comment: the most hunted and the weakest one from those 3, so your list is kinda not correct. She has nice DPS on lvl 0 and the strength gained doesn’t have big impact on her, she gains only 0.4% bonus damage. Average berserker is slightly better than her in terms of damage: 292, but she has 7-9k hp. Berserkers are good meat for defence on Purge: if it catches you unaware on a new, unprepared base, just unpack a bunch of berserkers and give them something, they’ll do the rest

Volcano guys

0.4% for each 1 str, 2.21 melee multiplier, 3x exp gain
(1 + (30 + 15 stock str + 14) * 0.8 / 100) * 1.1 (10% bonus damage in buffs) * 96 (Crom) * 2.21 = 288
Comment: the Volcano male version of Dalinsia. But with less hp. They have cute voicelines btw, like “I don’t want to hurt you, but I have to T_T”

I love dancers, also. They have obviously less damage with light attacks, but their AI tells them to jump back after every 1-3 attacks, and on 2h sword it’s not a jump but a super attack… It is funny to observe Lianeele chopping bosses like no berserker does.

Also give a try to pirates. Less damage, something around 260, but hey, pokey pokey, mate! Undina, Hekkr and Gaal will be your nice followers with funny voicelines. If your music of life is silence, my brother, get a Lemurian fighter: they have NO voicelines recorded and do their job without any comments


It also depends on leveling luck; what perks you get, and what stats you get from feeding them. My Dalinsia turned out stronger than my Teimos.


@Ragnaguard, Easy, any epic flawless armor full strength, plus Ajas bane, or axe of the lion. If however you put the executioners hood I think you’ll go + 15. Now if @SireneLoreley mean only armor, I don’t have this answer, but I believe that when he said equipment, he meant weapon too :wink:.


I believe that Spinas stats may seem similar with the other volcano thralls, but he is way stronger and tougher than any other thrall in the game. My thing is volcano thralls. No one after the nerf can solo Arena champion without help, only him. But like you said, I play him + 14 with Ajas bane. He crush everything, he is a real beast. For me Teimos is an insult. I believe the only reason they did it, is for players to have real reasons to go to buccaneers Bay, still it is unacceptable that thralls who have so rare spawns to be lower than him. We all now how difficult and rare is to have a hero thrall, like the unsung hero for example and Teimos to be better than him, really, a main spawn, an easy spawn, an easy capture, really, this is an insult, it is wrong, sorry about this but :face_vomiting:.


Thank you for doing the math!

Next question: Would you always as in ALWAYS exclusively feed your thrall gruel to increase strength lvl 1-20?

Siptah also included or just Exiled Lands?

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@Coty, I don’t know if @Hyperpapa is interested about siptah, but I am all ears or eyes :joy::joy::joy:. I am ps4 but every knowledge in advance is very appreciated.

As I read it, Beastmaster Tiemos is the best fighter thrall?

Just Exiles Lands.

I finally got and leveled my 3 beast tamers fighters from that purge (Lesteret the Unsung Hero, Varet and Beastblood) and they are really disappointing.

They have around 11k hp, their damage feel the same as RHTS and they’re even worst because they don’t full combo. Beastblood is the worst, he’s okay with a hammer so his attacks are very slow.

I got mediocre perks on all of them. No negatives but only perks like +3 survival or +3 agility.

I also tried volcano fighters like you suggested, and mine isn’t as strong as yours (you probably got good perks). My Decas only have 8k HP and hit roughly the same as my archer Teimos.

My strongest thralls for now are a Dalinsia and a Lian. I don’t remember how much strenght they got, it’s average for their type, decent perks, no dead eye. By strongest I mean “kill faster”, I use them to farm Unnamed City.

I use a T3 bearer with 24k HP (no vitality gear), equipped with a poison pike for the arena champion. I absolutely love my bearers for base defense too. I equip them with Mordlun, Nortis, Executioner, Yog’s and Poison pikes.

I also love the T4 fighters from the Exiles faction, the wanderers. They get very good stats and perks, I know it’s random but I’m always lucky and end up with Arnos or his wife with 9-10k hp. Their damage is meh but they attack so much faster than any other thralls and they chain combos.


@Laure, Well, the question remains here, is it fair for this garbage thrall Teimos to be so op after the Argos dlc? For me this decision is an insult for the game it self, we farm for hours to get so difficult thralls, we risk everything to go to the volcano to farm thralls, we risk our bases hours of work and lvl 20 thralls to capture one hero in a purge and the outcome is worst of Teimos, really… Really? This is way wrong, way way wrong. Do I say something wrong here?


Derketo DLC: silver boots and head, both +3. Chests: Redeemed, +4. Hands and legs: any +2


No, if the thrall has 92-95% chance to grow str I feed him with 2-stat food: +7% str +7% vitality :slight_smile:

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No, I didn’t mean the weapon bonus. It is seen in calculus: Crom is the weapon I do maths with.

As for Spinas, he is the same as other 3 volcano guys. Levelled them a lot, they are my guardians for the Redguard roleplay town.

Yes, Teimos looks like they forgot to nerf him, same for Relic Hunters who have 0.8% bonus but 3x exp needed. And he has no “pokey-pokey” voiceline, he’s like berserker :frowning: meeeeeh

I wish all the Purge thralls get some upgrade. We can easily roll Teimoses, Lians, Relic Hunters and Berserkers because of 100% spawn point, volcano guys are not rare, too (always capture someone when I enter Volcano), but I need a lot of time to get nice Dalinsia - which is OK, she is named Berserker - and a HUGE FREE TIME to roll Lemurian, their fighters spawn is sooooo damn rare. And I don’t want to tell you about Chieftains: they SHOULD be better than Janos and Lian because you must spend more than one day to catch one (and it can be not a fighter, some people even don’t believe me I get all my Chieftains by myself in this patch)

P. S. I’m not “he” :slight_smile:


Sorry, my lady, my fault. Me and @Ragnaguard happen to play on ps4 and we are still way back from your updates unfortunately. I agree that volcano thralls spawn easy but not all of them, Spinas, Daicas and Anos are rare spawns too. Neither pc or ps4, volcano is the same, it is a rough environment and the npcs there are not joking, I don’t say that the mount of the dead npcs are easy, but volcano is harder. You cannot even place a bedroll there because if you do it the only thing that you will gain is death from heatstroke :wink:. Not to mention that if you take a wrong path you have great danger to loose your thrall from lava. So that’s why I object against Teimos. I don’t believe they forget it, no way, they left it because nobody complained about it. Many YouTubers made tests of Teimos and all the other thralls and Teimos was the champion, O M G
This is wrong, this is something that must be changed fast, it makes no sense. I want the old glory of purge thralls, not their old stats, I don’t want the God thralls back, but I need the old balance. The harder to get, the best result to gain, because this is fair. In my gaming this thrall will never enter my wheels of pain, he will always cut in pieces from my axe just to take his mask and the argosean dust, for only this he is worthy for me, nothing else, thank you for your time, and I beg you to accept my apologies, my beautiful lady.

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I totally agree that this is completely wrong, Volcano must be the strongest race.
I have dropped some tears in this new post: Thralls modificators should be rebalanced
I don’t believe there will be some changes soon since developers have much to do with Siptah new map zones, but let’s hope. They will add Purges in Siptah, so maybe they will rework Purge thralls for this nice update

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Right now, everyone is capturing Dalinsias, I think it’s the only npc that is fairly easy to get and it is the best.
The berserkers and those of the volcano were forgotten…

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Volcano thralls are easy to get with blunted arrows and a bow with a blunted weapon fitting. You can get them naked if it wasn’t for the heat. Most of the t4’s in the volcano share spawn points. The hardest part is just getting them to spawn.

Exactly this. I remember before the leveling system and before the boost of Sepermeru NPCs that Volcano thralls were the best with the highest HP. Then they made dead mounds, Sepermeru and Volcano equal with the famous Captain being a beast at this time, but your Daicas and Spinas bros were still amongst the best thralls and that made sense.

There is one thing I like with the new thralls stats : they all seem to have a spec, pros and cons. I like that your old T4 fighter from the Exiles faction could still be useful and competitive because of his strenghts.
Volcano thralls have very diverse starting stats, wich make them a sort of tool box. That could be their spec, being moderately good at everything. However, it’s true that their spec should be more appealing and competitive with other thralls. They should be as special as pre nerf Dalinsia or Captain back then.

I’m not saying “bring back god thralls” but as stelagel said “bring back the old balance”.

Btw I found out in solo/admin mode that the archer named “something the Dragoon” is named “Beast Lord” in the admin panel.

Curious, I leveled him to see how good he is. Because beastmaster is op, and beast tamers were previously god thralls.

First, he often start with 100% chance to level accuracy with other stats chance being above 50%. I leveled one to 20 and he’s doing more ranged damage than any other archers I tried (comparison with Teimos and RHTS). He’s got 7k hp at lvl 20 wich is the same as my worst Dalinsia. He’s a beast of an archer.

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