Top 3 fighter thrall followers

Sorry m8 my bad, thanks for your understanding :joy:.

In no way the best, but they get the job done:
Tessa the blade
Katerina of the wild seas
Deidree Deathbringer

Aren’t the rusted gauntlets give you +3 STR?

El mejor es el teimos

Todo el mundo los busca por lo faciles que se se suben de nivel

Yo tengo uno con 13.000 vt

Lo cazadore de reliquias tambien son buenos

Bueno los lian me gustan tambien y los berserker son los mas duros tiene 2.24 de multi

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~950 armor is what I usually keep on me and my thralls, 80% resistance is more than enough for all the content. Sure, you can go further and get 1200+ armor… Which will grant you 82%. Not worthy at all

This purge beast tamers are not the same like Beastmaster Teimos

Can you make a test with Lian and Janos? These start with the highest STR value.

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0.5% for each 1 str, 1.93375 melee multiplier, 3x exp gain
(1 + (30 + 30 stock str + 14) * 0.5 / 100) * 1.1 (10% bonus damage in buffs) * 96 (Crom) * 1.93375 = 279

+2, just tested

Dalinsia is very strong. Depending on what she earns as a bonus, she becomes an unmatched lackey.

yes, it is true, but the damage multiplier is not as high as that of dalinsia. You can check the damage multiplier on conanwiki / thrall.

For pve, health of about 8000 and armor rating 800+ is enough to survive 95% of content.
And really once you hit 1000 armor, the payoff is not really worth going full meta on thralls pve wise.

But its not massive lower and they will always have +15 more STR. They dont have that much health…

True, but the % of the +15 is not really high since they nerfed the % per tick a while back. most are about 0.5% or lower per tick in general. The multiplier is more important, unless you pork thralls with the exploit. Then any named thrall is string lol.

I responded earlier with my opinion about fighter thralls; however, I always prefer to have a bearer thrall. Bearers don’t hit as hard as fighter thralls, but their insane HP makes up for it, and plus you have the extra inventory, which allows me to spec in more strength and grit, which in turn, makes the both of us more powerful as a whole. I have an Eina the Light that has 16K hp and not even on VIT gear; I’ve heard 20K+ is doable.

I know. I just found the coincidence funny that special thralls are all “beast” something.

(Beast tamer purge fighters used to be the best thralls a couple of patch ago if you didn’t know and thus missed my point).