Post up your best thralls

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That Spinas is a beast :muscle: what armour is the other guy wearing? It looks awesome :sunglasses: I need to really go through the armours. I got a habit of finding something I like than using it exclusively so I miss a lot of things.

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Holy crap I just noticed the hp on the first guy :scream: that’s 2000 more than my best Teimos’s!

He is a Teimos also.

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Mostly Guardian for strength, and the black dragon helm. Once they get to 20 I give them that helm to identify the level 20s

The best looking armor IMO, unfortunately it is for archers.


Meh… Pijamas:)))

EDIT: Show me your mean face(Half Baked) !

Cmon Siptah players! SHOW us what you got.

Give me something better then what i showed above, give me a reason to go for even a better one.

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…his eyes!
I will have nightmares about him staring at me in a shadowy place. Brrrrrr.


I feel you. It does take time and you need to avoid them being poisoned,diseased, “acidified” in order not to trigger a survival Perk.

There are a few topics in regards to negative perks, maybe some day the devs will take a deeper look.

I have a couple archers with 13-14k health and more base strength then fighters, but i will never use them again on official since siege mechanic is disabled.

You did saw the 2nd perk on that 3rd screenshot,right? Also that thrall is the only one with such high dps, from like 12-15 Karthok. I wish i hat different perks :)).

I am working on some “2.4” thralls currently on a private Server, they look promising. Same guy though, Karthok of the Great Beast.

Edit: in September i lost a lot when i could not log in to reset decay. My Max str(legit) on a thrall Was 92. Even with All the gear from Siptah i gould not reach that yet.

Experience i would say, but maybe thats a bit to much said. I noticed that if i do certain things or avoid certain things i have more of the same perks popping out.

I think it also depends on what kind of thrall you are leveling. For me was always agility and strength, i do not really care about their healthpool. Karthok starts with 20 Strength, so ATM is my only Option. Leveling any other thralls then that one is a waste of time for me.

Edit: and it is important that you feed your thrall the proper food everytime you are one creature away from having him level.

He is very easy to get, even on testlive had him 3-4 times. Gave him away to New comers on testlive.

I Do like the accursed aswell. Thats what i play with on testlive.

This is a new one to me also. I am pretty sure it is RNG based plus whatever bonuses are shown.
The only thrall I have never had good luck with is the Berserker. I think they intentionally perk nerf them.

Thats correct Halk, food does not influence perking but will make your thrall have value even after getting a negative Perk.

I was 100% sure aswell until i someone mention the survival workaround. I have not got “Warden” and “DeadEye” under control yet :)) i get them more and more on Siptah.

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Edit: need to make some order in my screenshot folder :slight_smile: Testlive made a mess out of it

Edit: i know someone that recently started playing again which is lvling his thralls only by killing rocknoses on Siptah :slight_smile:

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Come on Testlive Siptah PvE-C EU and i will give you thralls to experiment with :stuck_out_tongue:

Look at this aberration. It’s next on the list, will see with how much Accuracy it will end…

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ΩρηΩγιοΩ του Ζουζ ? if you want to call him Son of Zeus in Greek it’s
ΥΙΟΣ ΤΟΥ ΔΊΑ or ΖΕΥΣ . Greeks call him Δία but his ancient Greek name was ΖΕΥΣ . Spina’s is a monster girl , I love each one I have ,even with bad perks .


I think it is the heavy Barbarian armor, with some black dye in place of the red color on the tasset.

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I have better thralls for fighting and tanking, normally Beast Tamer Purge thralls, but these two got the best perks in my opinion. It’s also really fun to take a Darfari or Black Hand thrall and take them from 1500 health to over 7000 or 8000!


then there is this Janos that was blessed by the gods with 100% Strength growth chance, only to be punished by the gods with -8 Strength in “bonuses” haha.