Post up your best thralls

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Hallowed is an awesome perk. I’ve only seen it once on my thralls and that particular thralls other two perks were -vit +accuracy style perks :disappointed_relieved:


:scream::disappointed: I would have been so angry about this Janos lol :joy: still a fantastic thrall but it’s like a big ugly zit on a supermodels face :disappointed:

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Here is an interesting one. She is a T3 Nord Bearer that I liberated from a cage at an Accursed Camp. Turned out okay, the perks aren’t the greatest, but aren’t terrible either. The hit point pool is pretty good.


I’ve read on here and heard from fellow players that T3 Bearers actually get more health than the named T4 bearers do. I’m not sure how this oversight happened, I’ve also compared this with a friend on the server who has one at 17k health. My only Bearer who’s got over 14k health had 100% growth chance and great perks, the rest are between 8k and 13k at level 20. Seems like a T3 is still a better bearer to get!

I seem to get very lucky with that perk on Blackhand fighters, I think somewhere around half of them have gotten it. I haven’t gotten it on a single Beast Tamer purge thrall, and only once on a Dalinsia and never on a Berserker! The Beast Tamer purge thralls seem to get the -5 strength + 8 accuracy or Survival a lot!

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Thank you, got it by now :slight_smile:

Edit: My problem was not how to take them, but how to upload them here without having everyone to go through steam to watch the screenshot.

Just levelled this guy up on the weekend and was super happy!


I thank the devs for making these rare :))) (At least on Siptah)

I still have not got the horn in 7 months of Siptah :frowning:

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I have never levelled one of these guys up and I have a couple. How do they fight? Are their hit boxes as wonky as the pve contents??

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Not sure what you are asking.

You should level one :wink:

“You got a few”…Oh man, i cannot wait for the travel System to be working 100% :))) So that you can come on my server and give 1 to me :)))


Honestly, I find most pets are more of a liability than an asset when levelling them up (some exceptions obviously), but I’d put him in the pet category as he’s so big and clumsy!

He does hit for a pretty good amount once he gets some strength, and the spinning attack is useful, but he is huge and very easily hit! I didn’t quite notice if his hit box is super wacky, but thats because with a lot of these weaker pets or creatures, I’m doing pretty much all of the killing anyways!

Definitely fun to give it a go and level them up to 10 and if he gets a good perk, keep going! With the new 2.3 update for consoles the XP needed has been more than halved for many of the Greater Animals and Purge thralls (2.8mil down to 1mil for final level), so I’ve been going a little levelling crazy lately haha

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I’d post mine, but they’re a) currently starkers, b) sourced from the SP admin list and c) selectively bred for stats and feats. No rubbish archery feats for any of my melee fighters. Even my horse is mean.

Hard to tell. I feed fighters steaks and gruel which will do either strength or vitality. Emertius seemed to do well in that every time he leveled up, he got a vitality boost and then the perks gave him even more for his hit point pool. The armor he is wearing is also giving him a buff…I’m pretty sure the Barbarian armor is vitality, but am not able to check right now.

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Sure is and it looks great too :grinning:

My dear friend @Darkzombie , you have to forgive me for the delay . My PS4 was on a technician for overheating issues , still I am not sure for the outcome of his job ,I will check later on demanding gaming to see the results :joy::joy::joy: . The thralls I will post here is from official pve server , 3728 , since they are all parts of my gaming only and no others . Plus you must know how difficult is to lvl up a thrall on official pve , since it’s only X1 . Believe me in PvP servers I had better monsters than these but , PvP is PvP and your Thralls are expendable . Plus it’s way easier to lvl up Thralls there so I don’t count them .
Starting , I will start with Augusta my second Berserker in this server that helped me to build my little dominance . My first one died on lava and she was lvl 19 , with universal warrior and born warrior :cry: . Anyway Augusta

Augusta helped me to capture this monster here , do not let the numbers fool you , he is a monster

This monster helped me on a purge that I had outside the volcano , I had a busy wheel of pain there so the purge was certainly targeting this . The outcome of this destructing purge was my purge blacksmith and ofcurse our hero bellow .

Closing ofcurce with the girl that decorates all the best houses on Conan exiles , it couldn’t be other than our beloved snowhunter :wink:

Thank you for the post you bring , it gives me the opportunity to say one last thing , knowing that it’s just a game but for some crazy reason with some pets or Thralls we created the past years a strange strong bond . I would have nothing in this game if some Thralls didn’t die for me so I can live and grow , not all of them died from mistakes , some died in vain , still I raise a glass of brew ,to all the fallen Thralls that are not present in pictures now :beer:


No need for apologies bud, let’s just hope your ps4 keeps flying the flag for you now until you can get your hands on a ps5. I’m lucky I have had one for a few months now. Game is so much better on the new consoles.
Rip to all of our fallen warriors :beer::beer::beer: those are some nice thralls mate. Spinas has always been one of my favourites. Very aggressive. I have to update with a few of my latest warriors. I have a Lian that has become better than any of my Dalinsia thralls and I’m particularly proud of Beast Tamer Varet that I picked up during one the many purges I’ve faced in the past few months. Will update with pics later when I’m home. Good luck and happy hunting my friend :+1:


My latest Lian. Turned out great but was bummed with the last perk. Not horrible but that +10 would have been nicer on strength or vitality


I would post my new playthrough’s cimmerian berserker, my first slave, but he gained the -3 STR, +5 ACC perk at first, and +8 ACC at the third time…
I gave him to the arena champion with a hunter bow to see if he worth to stay with me.

I didn’t bury him. :laughing: